BB – 3/20/21- The Fog @ The Posh – Diane Dukes Q

First time Qing at the Posh, posted there several times just never Q’d. Both Jitterbug and Stick Up reached out sending apologies for not being there, all good brothers, next time. Beautiful morning to post, PAX were F-stop, Iceman (R), Bacon, Wapner, Yoshi, Holy Roller (R), Uncle Rico, Minnow, Subprime, Wet Bandit, Husky (R), Natty Lite, Mr. Roper, Jewel, Ladybird (R) with Emma, and myself. I gave the disclaimer that I am no way a professional, here on your own free will, modify if needed. Try to stay spread out that we are still in a pandemic. Started with a mosey around the egg lawn, stopping in the parking lots to get warmed up with various exercise, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vigoda’s, Runners Stretch, and Mountain Climbers. I noticed Fit for Moms were also there and I was worried that they might take our loop where I had planned the WO. Natty said we could probably take them if they took our spot. We returned back to the lodges and the moms just took off for a run so we were in the clear. Rumble avoided…..

The Thang: 4 stations, take your coupon or sandbag with you around the loop doing various exercise, see pic below.

Called time at 0800, we circled up and had announcements and intentions. Uncle Rico spoke on Kayla and how we raised $1,800 for her through Mom’s Helping Mom’s, truly incredible, proud of all the HIM’s that either donated $, furniture, or spreading the word. We then moved on to the Burpee Challenge, 14 HIM’s knocked out 1800 burpees. What an awesome morning. Blessed to be a part of F3 Louisville.


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