7.20.21 Back Blast – BoW at The O

Weather: 66. Cool, slight humidity, slight breeze out of the west. Nice.

PAX: Porkchop, Harry Caray, OJ, Swatch, McAfee, Tron, Handbook, Fergie

Q: Stick Up

Disclaimer was giver at exactly 0530. Verbal confirmation of understands was granted, we grabbed the coupons and headed to the tennis courts for COP.

COP: SSH, Grass Gabbers, Toy Soldiers, calf’s, runners stretch, cones, Michael Phelps

THANG: line up on the sideline of the first court. 20 Merkins. Rifle carry to the far sideline of the second court (all the way to the fence if you’re McAfee). 10 Thrusters. Rifle carry to the start. 20 weighted squats. RC. 10 Thrusters. RC. 20 KB Swings. RC. 10 Thrusters. RC. 20 Shoulder press. RC 10 Thrusters. RC. 20 Rows. RC 10 Thrusters. RC. Leave the coupon and run a 1/4 mile loop. Rinse and repeat until the end. The standard was established at 15 laps in 10 minutes. I think we all fell short. Not worries we will get there.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, words of thanks, announcements, intentions.

Stick Up

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