9.21.21 Back Blast: The Max @ Bayside

About a month ago Birdie called me out to lead a workout at The Max. 1: I’m a sucker for a call out. 2: I love dem Bayside boys. 3: What else would I be doing at 0530 ITG (welp, let’s call it 0500 to account for travel time)? 4: always defer to my F3 brother’s rationale …YNot? 9 other PAX would answer the call with me this morning.

PAX: Firing Pin, Birdie, Farmette (R), Ruby (R), Schotzie, Charolais (R), Squid, Banana Bread, Borland (R), BigBird (Q)

COP: SSH 20 IC, 10 of em the last step in a Nuclear to loosen up them calves for our sprinting soon to follow, slow Grass Grabbers, down to plank- RoL RR and into Pigeon Stretch. Back to neutral and repeat-o but on the other side.

Native American run around the entire lot and return for COP round II. Peter Parker Merkins 15 IC, Mountain Climbers 15 IC. Recover for…

The Main Thang: Sprinting protocol. Almost a year to the day my PT offered this up to me as a step to my ACL recovery. Charolais said I should’ve gotten a new PT. I didn’t disagree but then again…I’m out here with you fine men! Something must’ve worked. Might as well share the love and embrace the suck! I’ll spare you the details just know that we sprinted for 1100 yards. WOOF boys!!

Recover and COP round III: Peter Parker Merkins 15 IC, Mountain Climbers 15 IC- halfway through we caught a Pandora commercial so we did Burpees until commercials were through. I think Dauber and I need to make that a thing…

Next Thang: mosey the length of the whole parking lot and All Outs on the widths. We would do some kind of exercise whilst we waited on “the 6.” Thanks Banana Bread for making it easy on us all and settling for SSH. We would get in 3 laps, about 1500 yards in total sprints and just shy of 2.5 miles! WOOF Boys!

We had a few minutes to spare so Mary was next on the agenda. I asked Firing Pin to start us off. As it turns out he would bring us home too as he had us doing LBC’s IC until time was called. The fire is in that boy’s heart! I wonder who he gets it from?

COR, NOR and COT: made some announcements and said some intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for the men in attendance and for the blessing of another day. Thanks Boys for having me out!

Until next time…


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