10.8.21 Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets

It was Friday December 20th, 2019. I was on the schedule to Q The Chopper just 3 days before I would go under the knife to repair a torn ACL. Even though I had a modified wienke that would require very little leg exercises I slept through my alarm making this the one and only time I would fart sack a Q. Tony Malito, being the present site Q and HIM, would pick me up and told me not to sweat it. Failing on my commitments never sits well with me and told him that I would make it up to him. I just didn’t know that it would be almost two years later and under the leadership of a different Site Q (Bunghole). In prepping for this workout I was going to pull out the wienke that I was originally going to use. Then I thought…Isn’t life all about getting better? Shouldn’t we try to move on from our shortcomings and leave the past in the past? I agreed with my inner bird self and decided to make this workout about someone else. Make this one about someone who gave all so that we could enjoy the freedoms afforded to us. 14 others would answer the call with me on what would prove to be a fantastic start to a Friday morning.

PAX: Aerobie (R), Drive-thru (R), Lady Bird (R), Vincent (R), Buzzsaw, Tony Malito, Huey, Meatball, Bombay, Bunghole, PK, Fertile Myrtle, Newman, Stick Up, BigBird (Q)

We would have a lot to do today, needed a short COP and told this group of bada$$es that this one was going to be tough. Tony Malito was surprised and announced that no one ever called him a bada$$ before. Not sure I believe that one…

COP: short mosey around the monument, 5 Nuclears, Grass Grabbers, Runners stretch, RoL, RR & Pigeon Stretch. When I said “sit on it,” apparently it had a different meaning for Meatball… switch and repeat-o but on the left side. Walk ourselves back up and prep for…

The Thang: We would pay our respects to the fallen by completing a Hero WOD (workout of the day) honoring Marine Cpl. Albert P Gettings who lost his life on January 5th 2006 during Operation Iraqi Freedom while conducting combat operations in Fallujah. The WOD is titled Bert and would consist of the following: 50 burpees, 400M run (two laps around the monument), 100 Merkins, 400M run 150 Lunge Walks, 400M run, 200 Air Squats, 400M run, 150 Lunge Walks, 400M run, 100 Merkins, 400M run, 50 Burpees. This would be for time but for 45 minutes it was about getting in as much as you could. There were so many awesome things to witness as we were working together. Some of these were: Newman having probably the best form in F3 Nation, PAX Lunge Walking around the monument, all us dudes working hard and never giving up, Beggin Strips still looking at all of us like we are crazies and of course Tony Malito making sure that we didn’t leave out the mumble chatter.

Time was called and I don’t know about everyone else but I was smoked! Circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Made some announcements and lifted up some intentions. Thanked my 14 friends for making it out with me. Thanked the Sky Q for all of our blessings and for those that make the decision to put their lives at risk so that we can continue to live in the Land of the Free. Closed out with an Our Father.

Until next time…


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