BB-10/11/21-Minuteman @ Patriot -KittyLitter Q

Good turnout for the Monday WO, making me optimistic about the Paxs’ momentum going into the rest of the week. We worked as a team, carrying a bloated (55-lb) “golden coupon” (a solid concrete 1970’s-style coffee table leg) and a 45-lb box of –you guessed it– kitty litter up and down Heartbreak Hill. Everyone got to carry the “burdens” of another man. Did lunge steps to finish at the top for a round of: 25 BlueSky ‘Merkins, 25 Big Boys, 25 Toddler-Squat/Thrusts, and 25 Upright Rows. Rinsed & Repeated a couple times and finished strong with a round of “Dealer’s Choice” Mary. Strong work guys!

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