Back-Blast Saturday 10-16-2021 – The Ruiner @ The O

The O is just awesome. What a great morning. The Q was excellent but I am gonna start with announcements because there is a TON of great stuff going on with F3 Louisville. First off, if you are still on the fence about coming to the Fall Festival at Le Pews…just go. Bring the family. It is an awesome event and I guarantee you won’t regret it. 

Also, we had dare-to-care and freed-to-bleed today at Third F activities (shout out again to Jitterbug). Convergence is next weekend at Vets…Focker’s Veterans Day workout…monthly ruck…etc. 
The O had a random group this morning from all over (including one downrange visitor) which made it even more of a blast.  PAX:  Worm, Tron, Kitty Litter, Spike Strip (DR),Sump Pump (R), Russdiculous, Silver Dollar, Handbook, Shyster, Pope, Dauber (Q). 
Worm pretty much covered the core of the back blast in his mubblechatter post, but he did leave out our reminiscing of when Tron tossed his garbage shot about 30 yards during F3on3. 
Here was the workout…Took a short mosey around the tennis courts and then onto the courts for COP which was standard issue – SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Runners Stretch, mountain climbers. 

We stayed at the tennis courts for the Main Thang which was an old school bootcamp ladder.  There were 6 cones spread out over the length of the tennis courts.  PAX went up and down the ladder by running to the first cone, completing the exercise, backpedaling back to the start, then run to the second cone for the next exercise, and when backpedaling back to the start we stopped at each cone to repeat that exercise…you get the picture.
Exercises consisted of…
first cone – 10x merkins
second cone – 20x jump squats
third cone – 30x big boy sit ups
fourth cone – 40x jump lunges (count EACH leg)
fifth cone – 50x SSH (single count)
sixth cone – 60x Burpees (did I stutter MFer??)
Next we partnered up for bear crawl chasers then F3 Gallop chasers around the tennis courts. Tron and I won both. 

Finished with some Mary and circled up for COT – 
CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer

See you at the Fall Festival. -Dauber

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