BB- The Blender @ The Mutt – Larry Flynt Q

PAX (10): Why Not, Peeping Tom, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Backdraft, Zima, Unabomber, OJ, Pope, Larry Flynt (Q)

It was a brisk morning in the gloom with 10 PAX ready to celebrate Snoop Dogg’s 49th bday, and the 20th day of the 10th month of the year.

We moseyed around the school for a warm up of Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans, Grass Grabbers, Side Staddle Hops and Imperial Walkers…then moseyed to get coupons for Thang 1.

Thang 1

Celebrate Snoop with 4 exercises 200 reps and 20 Side Straddle Hops throughout.

200 each of Curls, Overhead Press, Rows and Bench press

Partner 1 runs to other end of parking lot for 20 SSH’s while partner 2 works on the 200 reps. Partner 1 returns to resume rep count while partner 2 runs to other end for his SSH’s. Repeat until all 800 reps are complete.

Thang 2

Merkin-less Mile

We celebrated the 20th day of the 10th month with a mosey around the neighborhood. At each street light, we alternated between 10 lunges/squats and 20 LBC’s.

We got back to campus , returned coupons and Mary’d up for LBC’s and 38 Freddy Mercury’s led by Why Not.

Announcements: Convergence Saturday at Vet… Ruck Sat. Oct. 30 from O to Tailspin for a kick ass day of beer, buddies and football!

Prayers and intentions with the goal to make someone smile today and focus on the positive silver linings and deflect the negative energy from media platforms trying to drive you down.

Our Father … and out!

Way to kick ass today fellas!

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