11.15.21 Back Blast: The Motivator @ The Abyss

About a month ago as were training for the marathon/half, we were having some good mumble chatter as only long runs with friends can produce. One of the topics was stepping up to Q. I mentioned to Dauber (among other things) that I had one scheduled at The Abyss that I just couldn’t recall signing up for. I have the bad habit of being forgetful from time to time so I told Dauber that I searched back on Slack trying to find that conversation where Flip Flop had asked and I had accepted, filling the Q slot. Dauber set my mind at ease when he informed me that it was Flip Flop’s new tactic to schedule dudes and later inform them on a mumble chatter post that they had the nod. At least I had about 6 weeks to prepare for mine. His was up and coming in that next week. I came to appreciate the tactic and felt a sense of honor that I was one of the guys that he felt would follow through without question or discussion. I mean…what else would I be doing at 0530…uh, scratch that…0500.

Today was that day and here’s who would show up before the rooster’s crow at 0500…well for Flip Flop it was the normal “coming in hot” at 5:01: F-Stop, Kitty Litter, Flip Flop, BigBird (Q)

Disclaimer was given and we would head out for a mosey to get warm. We circled up at a non normal spot (you know…to change it up a bit) thinking “surely we wouldn’t have to worry about traffic.” I was wrong here as there was an unusual, questionable amount of activity splitting up our COP. We carried on however and did some SSHs, Michel Phelps & Kendra Newmans. Following that we would do some BLIMPS (burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkins, plank jacks & squats). Recover and dodging a potential skunk and our favorite ankle biter, saunter over to the picnic area for…

Thang 1: Jack Webb of 1 dip to 4 Monkey Humpers until we got to 10 and 40 (Don’t worry Viking, I’m still going to make good on the additional for the monthly challenge). Recover and feeling the jelly legs, F-Stop shared his displeasure on your QIC setting us out to run towards…

Thang 2: In telling you that I came early to set up cones for an 11’s sequence you would likely not believe me. See, I did not have Nino or Backflop’s lighting expertise with me to light the way and when it’s dark as pitch out in Sky Q country, we couldn’t even find the fluorescent orange cones that I had set up. All good though. We had some smart dudes out this morning and we all figured it out. Start at almost the boat ramp with a burpee and mosey about 200 yards for 10 jump squats (2 and 9, 3 and 8, etc.) We had some fantastic mumble chatter to include: hitting a wall during a marathon, how any cut of elk meat is far superior to deer and knowing that it all works out and the Lord takes care of you in the toughest of circumstances even when the answers to your prayers seem to go unanswered.

We had a couple of minutes to spare to return to the flag and even though when we got there it was 0545, we got down on our “6” for one BBSU…you know…just to say we incorporated some Mary.

Circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements on Viking’s pillaging and plundering ruck this Friday and the fantastic charity to support (Kitty Litter used to be on the board). Also mentioned the Q mashup taking place in December. Said a word about answering the call (even if you’re volun-told) and when you do, put your best foot forward, be a HIM and work to make others around you better. Asked The Sky Q to answer the intentions in our hearts and thanked Him for the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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