Back Blast – 11.20.21 – Ruiner at The O – Kitty Litter Q

A beautiful morning to sleep in, before a little 0700 blood pumping out at the O-riginal. Thanks to @harrycaray for inviting me out…only my 2nd time at that fine AO, with the fine F3 men who make it right.

We got the ball rolling with a little stretching: SSH, XC Skis, Grass-Grabbers, and arm loosening. Then we headed out for mosey at a respectable pace. The Thang was pretty straightforward– a Tabata-style (2-min on, 30-sec rest) of ‘Merkins, Sadies, Thrusters, OH Press/Skull Crushers, Curls, etc (not in that order). Then out for another run. NOTE: This was an AMRAP…but I dubbed it an AMQRAP, standing for As Many Quality Reps as Possible (* pronounced “Am-Crap”). The idea was that we’d focus on good form, full range-of-motion, and slow, steady reps. All Good.

Then we repeated that cycle with runs in-between sets, finishing with 10-minutes of abs& core stuff. It’s nice to have that extra 15 minutes on Saturday workouts. A couple observations…

We witnessed a private tennis lesson going on at the adjacent tennis court. The “Instructor” (if that’s his real name) brought portable propane heaters (4 of them!) to keep the little gem student nice & cozy. We scoffed. And yet, somehow we couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if a future Q pampered us thus so. Would we make him (obviously not a HIM) run murder-bunnies around the entire “O track” in the snow? Or would we make sure we HC’d to every single future time he Q’d?…hoping for donuts too.

Also, during our COT a nearby dog rudely interrupted our important mumblechatter and intentions. He was barking at a squirrel in the tree. We got all Jack Handy Deep Thoughts and contemplated the many obvious life metaphors: “Sometimes we’re the squirrel, in obvious fear for our life…holding on tight. Sometimes we’re the mighty tree, protecting creatures we so love. And sometimes we’re the yapping mutt who can’t keep his cake-hole shut while serious dudes nearby are offering God thoughts, prayers, and intentions!” Hmmm…. -KL-

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