BB- The Abyss- 11/19/21- Meter Maid Q

When Kitty Litter posted that he needed a Q, I jumped at the opportunity. He had recently Qed at the Foundry where I am site Q. It was chance to bring out my toys to the Abyss and first time Qing a regular workout at 5AM start time. I woke up at 415AM to get up and setup everything at the Abyss splash park. I brought all of the following toys shown in the picture below. My only regret was taking the slam ball but more on that later.

There were 5 PAX who participated after I gave the disclaimer: Kitty Litter, Dauber, Flip Flop, Timeshare and Meter Maid Q. As expected, Flip Flop came in hot at 5am on the dot.

We circled up at the basketball court with the beaver moon in the distance. The picture below was taken right after the workout.

For COP, we did Mountain Climbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Copper Head Squats IC and Michael Phelps OYO.

The majority of time was spent on the main thang a heavy exercise driven by a push. The push was a red light in the middle with a 60 pound sandbag and a 30 pound ruck sack. The push would be 5 60 pound man makers and a short lap around the playground. About halfway through the PAX also had to carry the 60 pound sand bag as well on the short lap.

Everyone seemed to follow direction except for Dauber who continued to take the red light with him as he rucked around the lap. We may need to start calling him “Red Lantern”.

For the rotating exercises, I had the following: 2 10 pound potted plants (PP) for bent over flys, 2 15 pound PP for Mike Tyson Punch Out, 2 20 pound PP for curls, 2 25 pound PP for overhead press, 2 30 pound PP for benchpress or solo for halos (a Diablo favorite), 1 50 pound PP for squats. Also had a 20 and 40 pound sandbag for uneven farmer carry or sandbag toss.

Then, we had a 20 pound slam ball. Dauber created a massive crater there. The slam ball became so muddy that when I got home, I am storing it outside the garage.

We had a few minutes left so we carried the weight back to my vehicle and time was called.

We did COR and NOR. Announcements included the Viking Voyage. We took intentions, made a short prayer of thanksgiving and to lift up our intentions. We concluded with an Our Father.

Always Humbled to Lead,

-Meter Maid

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