12.1.21 Back Blast – The Bridge at Posh

Weather: 39 degree. No wind. damp due to early morning drizzle but still nice.

PAX: Edward Scissorhands, Dynomite, Bob Ross, Methane, Husky, Bacon, Lady Bird, Jitterbug

Q: Stick Up

Based on all the recent complaints from some pax, YHC decided a leg day was in order. Here’s how it went down.

COP: Mosey over to the bridge, to the fountain and circled up. SSHx20, GrassGrabbersx10, Toy Soldiersx10, Downward dog, L/R calf stretch, L/R runners stretch, L/R Katlyn Jenners, Mountain Climbers x 15.

THANG: Partner up for a DORA-esc partner style workout. P1 performs AMRAP of an exercise while P2 runs. Instead of cumulative counting, each HIM would keep track of thier own rep count. Both partners would continue to swap running with AMRAP until each partner reaches required reps. If P2 get to 100 (100 being the magic number) and P1 is only at 80, P2 keeps going until P1 reaches the goal. Makes more sense if you are there, just saying. Exercises were as follows:

  • 100 Step ups
  • 100 Ass to bench squats
  • 200 calf raises
  • 100 tuck jumps

This took up the majority of time and we moseyed back to the start for 15 reps of X-factors and a 45 sec plank.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

-Stick Up

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