12.2.21 WHAT?!! Pre Blast-Big Kapowski @ Bayside: BigBird Q

Didn’t you use to love those days in school when you could look forward to a field trip?And you knew it was going to be an all day affair because you had to pack your lunch in a brown paper bag. Well tomorrow is going to be nothing like that. School will be in session at Bayside and we will learn all about horseshoes. We’ll get educated on some good things to do and what not to do. One nugget I’ll pass along to you now: Never, ever is it cool to pee your pants…especially in front of other dudes at zero dark thirty in mid 40 degree temperatures….although mid 40’s in December ain’t too bad….

We’ll make some use of coupons, it will be mostly upper body and the only running we’ll do is to get from place to place.

Come out to play with me!


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