12.8.21 Back Blast – The Tank at Vets

Weather: 28 degrees according to the truck. No wind. Frost on the grass. Nice overall.

PAX: Buzzsaw, Dynomite, Meatball, Fertile Myrtle, Tony Malito, Vincent, Snowman

Q: Stick Up

It was later in the day when one of the many Wednesday Site Q’s reached out to YHC to see if I was available to lead this morning. For sure, lets do it. Here is what we did.

0529: Disclaimer (because we were cold), grab coupons and head down to the lower parking lot for COP.

COP: SSHx20, Grass Grabbers x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10, Hillbillies x 10, Downward Dog, L/R Calf, L/R Runners stretch, L/R Jenners.

THANG: We grabbed our coupons and mosyed down to the lower ball field to the stone bleachers. Yes, everyone assumed it was time for dips and derkins. No, it was time for Paula Abduls. Two steps forward, one step back is the idea here. 10 Step ups each leg two levels high. Come down one and do 10 Thursters. Keep doing this until we get to the top or Malito has everyone so flustered they forget where they are.

THANG 2: Once it was determined everyone had “finished” we mosey up the stairs to the grass hill for 11’s. Weighted squats at the bottom, lunges at the top.

THANG 3: Again, once we determined everyone was “finished” we moseyed with our coupons back to the parking lot were we did COP to bernie the length and back. Head back to the monument for 3 minutes of Mary and nutritional advice from Dynomite.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, Announcements, Intentions, Words of Thanks.

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