12.21.21 Back Blast: The Loco @ The County

There is no better workout than at any time at The County. It is my home, there are countless options and no matter who is in attendance you are sure to find some of the best PAX in the region that motivate and push each other, making some solid hard work a little more bearable.

PAX: Air Raid (R), Dauber, Backflop, Abacus, Brown Water, Jolly Rancher, BigBird (Q)

The night before this WO I would meet up with Abacus…underground…you’ll have to ask him…Anyways, he was asking where I was going the next day…not sure he was talking about for a workout but regardless I told him I had the Q at The County. He said he would be there but did ask if my plan was to do Tabata. To which I said, “yes, but this one will keep you guessing.” Abacus is a sucker for a mystery so I knew I had to go home and draw up something other than seal claps for 40 seconds on 20 seconds off for 8 rounds.

0525 and set up the white board and Tailgater in Central Park. Rush over to the flags to find everyone ready to work. Dauber was in a nicely pressed, unwrinkled dry fit shirt that would have found Pelican wondering what else he could make fun of Dauber for…I’m sure he would’ve found something…

Disclaimer was given and we would load up our coupons for a mosey around the parish office to the side of the Little Colonel Playhouse for some COP. Normal stuff…SSH, Grass Grabbers and plank work to engage the core…we would then mosey our coupons to the pergola where we were greeted by a fully lit Christmas tree that Bird brought from his home…kidding of course…Crestwood Central Park does it up right. It was the best Christmas display workout around…second only to the Vets which…I mean,…C’mon…as if the stoic, hallowed type grounds weren’t enough….

Tabata: Jump Lunges, Peter Parker Merkins, Jump Squats and Donkey Kicks…rinse and repeat-o…Recover for…

The Thang: a ladder of sorts that consisted of Man Makers, Shoulder press, Skull Krushers, Curlz and Coupon Squats. Pandora was playing some Biggie Smalls (way more better gooder than Snoop [sorry Pelican, the truth is what it is]) and we did have ads. Instead of rolling one’s eyes, waiting for the ads to end, we embraced it. Ads=burpees. In between each complex of exercises we would mosey the loop x2 (insert mumble chatter).

We all worked hard and we all finished together. Mosey back to home base, close to the flags for a bit of Mary. Everyone would have something to add (some better than others) before time was called.

COR, NOR & COP: Made some announcements and said some intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for allowing us to be together and to look forward to the prospect of another day! Strong showing out there today! Always honored to be a part of such a special group!

Until next time…


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