3rd Annual Pull-up Challenge

What: 2022 pull-up challenge. Complete 2022 pull-ups in the first three months of this year. It is 88 days from January 3rd until the end of March which equates to about 23 pull-ups a day. You can knock them all out at once or break them up throughout the day.

Why: because you want to and you have always wanted to improve on your ability to do pull-ups. You now have a challenge and accountability within a group.

How do I start? If you don’t already have a pull-up bar you can get one on Amazon for about $25 that hooks up to your door frame. Or if your handy like Squid, Pope, Digiorno or Cousin Eddie you can make you one. If you have trouble doing them without help, you can start by using a band to give you an assist while you strengthen the area. The channel that you can join is a fantastic resource for best practices.

Finally, I’ll tell you that I started this in 2020 when I was unable to post but wanted to do something to help keep myself engaged and accountable. The result was a couple of things. 1) of course the obvious…I got better at doing pull-ups. But the second thing was what was special for me. 2) I built relationships with guys that I would not have otherwise. Some of these guys would say to me that they never had been able to do pull-ups but now they can string em together and without assistance. Each year we had about 20 guys reach the goal with some going above and beyond the target. 5000 is just 46 a day…just sayin…

This is a fun and rewarding challenge and I hope that you’ll come on this journey with me!


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