1.19.2022 Back Blast: Black Ops @The Patriot

Since the beginning of December the HIM that run The Patriot have been growing substantially and have been HL machines! 11 FNGs in total would find their new identities. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome these new future HIM who’ve been coming out and who are now a part of our F3 Nation. Watercolor, Swingset, Midfield, Rogue, FitBit, Chili Pepper, Catlett, Xerox, Freon, Layover, & Patty. Keep coming out men! Keep accelerating! Keep getting better!

I got to put a face with a few names ITG today. As I approach the flag at 0526 I knuckle bump Chili and introduce myself to Malpractice. Hey says, “BigBird? I got socks with you on them!” What are the chances of that? Of course I ask to see them and they are the best, fantastical socks that I indeed will have to pick up. As 0530 and 30 seconds hits, Holy Roller reminds me to stop my mumble chatter and get the workout underway. Here is who would join me on this exceptional Wednesday morning:

PAX: Swag, Patty, Layover, Yankovic(R), Holy Roller(R), Malpractice, Mannequin, Chili Pepper, Colonel Klink, Xerox, Rip Van Winkle, BigBird(Q)

Disclaimer was given, COR and we would get it going with a Slaughter Start of 10 Burpees.

COP: SSH, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Runners Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, X Factors, & Plank Jacks. Recover and 10 count in preparation for…

Thang 1: 10 incline Merkins, 10 Merkins, 10 Derkins, 10 IC Flutter Kicks. X 3 sets. Recover, quick 10 count and mosey down 1st street to Yankovic’s favorite spot…the licka sto for…

Thang 2: 10 Peter Parker Merkins, 10 IC LBC’s. X 3 sets. Recover, quick 10 count and mosey down the street, through Heartbreak Hill to the open lot for…

The final Thang: 4 corners. Corner 1: wide Merkins followed by 5 Imperial Squat Walkers. Corner 2: Diamond Merkins, 5 ISWs. Corner 3: T-Merkins, 5 ISWs. Corner 4: Hand Release Merkins, 5 ISWs. After completing each corner we would go up 5 each time until we got to 20. Plan was to go up on the ISWs as well but YHC would quickly realize that this was ALOT of em and since the core focus was on the Merks we would stick with just 5 ISW after the Merkin complex.

I got to spend some good quality time with Chili Pepper and am so proud of this dude for his journey in such a short amount of time. Keep your eyes on this guy. His will be a story that we will talking about for years to come. Keep after it bro!!

Mosey back to the flags and get in a quick set of dips whilst we waited on The 6. Time was called (a little bit over…apologies fellas) and circle up for COR, NOR & COT. Made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men, for allowing us to hit the snooze, put our two feet on the floor, come out to use our bodies to work hard and to look forward to the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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