Back-Blast Saturday 02-12-2022 – The Nest @ The County (WHO DEY !!!!!)

Who Dey!! 15 came out to celebrate Super Bowl Eve and get their minds and bodies right for the game tomorrow. It was great.  We did a lot of burpees. We talked about our favorite Bengals players.  Pelican’s team didn’t win burpee football. Brown water got drafted and traded twice. Jolly was in a particularly cranky mood and ruled with his signature iron fist (he got on me for not specifying burpees in the pre blast!). Timeshare took too many steps. Hush puppy didn’t count all the downs. Kitty Litter switched teams for the kick off several times.   Rey Maualuga made an appearance (and nearly got tossed for targeting). Layover parked right in our meeting spot and gave nf about it. I almost beat Focker in a sprint when I cheated. Yank made fun of my music but he really liked it.  My phone died and so did the music. I would go on but no one is still reading at this point…I’ll list the facts below anyway. 
PAX: Holy Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Kitty Litter, Focker, Hush puppy, Pelican, Bulletin (R), Layover, DeVitto, Big Bird, Brown water, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Timeshare, Dauber (Q).
After the disclaimer, we did a few burpees, tried to avoid Layover’s truck that was basically parked right in the middle of our circle, and head on a short mosey to the front of the school for COP – more burpees, SSH, burpees, Grass Grabbers, burpees.  Then another short mosey behind the chapel to wrap up COP with burpees, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, burpees and a run back to the parking lot where some late arriving runners joined us for a burpee (34 total burpees so far…Who Dey!) before the Main Thang.   The Main Thang was a variation of my VQ using cones to mark off 10 yard sections of a full football field and the PAX working their way to a touchdown.  
As I noted earlier, Jolly was a bit cranky (he wasn’t really but I am playing it up anyway)…but he remembered basically my entire VQ which honestly was pretty freaking awesome to me.  Jolly Rancher is not only our Nantan but is someone that I met through F3 and is a guy that inspires me, pushes me and encompasses what makes F3 so impactful (all three Fs).  From Super Samuel to giving so much time and effort to building F3 Louisville to running a half marathon when he hates running…all of it is great stuff and it was really special this morning to workout next to him.
Ok…don’t anyone tell Jolly I wrote all that nice stuff above or he will read it and remember that also.
Here was the workout in a nutshell:Start at the goal line…Run to own 10yd line, 10x merkins, Backpedal to goal line
Run to own 20yd line, 20x jump lunges, Backpedal to 10 yd line, repeat exercise, backpedal to goal line
Run to own 30yd line, 30x squats, Backpedal to 20 yd line, repeat exercise…etc.Run to own 40yd line, 40x big boy sit ups, Backpedal….
At the midfield we gathered as a team 50x Who Dey SSHs
Midfield became the new starting point & we worked the same way toward the end zone but added 10 reps after each backpedal
40x Mountain Climbers 
30x LBCs
20x Plank Jacks (single count)
10x burpees

We then did a Dora thing with the same exercises and 34 reps (Who Dey)
Pelican brought a football so played burpee football to wrap things up….which saved us from 10 minutes of bear crawls.
We circled up near Layover’s truck for COT – CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer

Who Dey.

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