BB- 2/12/22- The Fog at the Posh – Meter Maid Q

At the Posh, it was 30 degrees with a much lower wind chill. At 545, Bacon, PK, and YHC went for a 3.7 mile ruck which took us all the way the horse stall and back. It was concluded that it would be a great site to launder money like on Ozark. Once we got back, I unloaded my 5 sandbags / full bags for my upcoming Q. Most of them were in the 40–60 pound range.

Today there were 7 pax who made it out. They included Latex (welcome back!), PK, Bacon, PK, Jitterbug (R), Backflop and Meter Maid (Q). A couple of the pax also brought sandbags so everyone had one to use (Giddy up!).

I provided a disclaimer before we started on sandbag fest.

This included all of them outside of Diane Dukes’ sandbag.

We started with a quick mosey lap before 7 nuclears (a LePew favorite), runners stretch and stuff (strict), cobra, mountain climbers IC, arm circles and Michael Phelps OYO.

First Thang: Performed individually – 25 manmakers and run 1 lap, 50 overhead press and run two laps, 75 overhead flutter kicks 4-count IC and run three laps and 100 weighted squats and run four laps. As expected, Backflop was out in front.

Second Thang (Catch Me If You Can)- Pair up and with one sand bag, partner 1 moves with sandbag while partner 2 does five burpees and catches up to partner 1; partners swap and continue around the lap. [Note to self, Backflop is still capable of running quickly with a 60 pound sandbag.]

With about 8 minutes left, we did some stretches before moving into Mary. Then we did Heel Touches IC, Gas Pumps IC, Preacher Sit-ups on my up, and Elevators until time was called. YHC had over 3 miles covered.

Concluded with COR and NOR. For announcements, the February ruck (The F3 Winter Olympics) is 2/18 at the O. Meet at the Seneca Park Basketball Courts at 7:15PM. The 3rd F is the American Heart Association. The March ruck will be 3/26 and Amazing Race themed. For intentions, we prayed for Husky and all those pax who are recovering. YHC prayed us out and we ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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