2.26.22 Back Blast: The Nest @ The County

0555 and as I pull in to the lot at The County in preparation for a pre Nest run there are several PAX outside of their cars gearing up for a ruck. To my surprise, two of em are Jewel and Worm. Worm wastes no time in asking where my ruck is and says something to the effect that running is for sissies. I’ll have to mentally prepare myself for this one but for now the focus is getting out for a run with my boys Virginia Slims and Patty. After about 50 minutes and five and a half miles 0700 was drawing closer. I had time enough to drop the Tailgater off at the playground before heading to the flags. YHC was left feeling humbled having representation from AOs all over the region; County, Vets, Garden, Posh, Patriot, Boondocks. We had our Nantan, our 1st F Q, Comz Q, our regions biggest mouth and even CI was there…not really but he might as well have been as Worm and Jewel couldn’t stop talking about him. All in all we would have 11 that would make sure your Bird was on his “A” game.

PAX: Timeshare, Patty, Jolly Rancher, Jewel, Cratchit, Diane Dukes, Gisele, Dauber, Worm, Stick Up, BigBird (Q)

Disclaimer was given, complete with the promise of advertisements before heading out for a mosey to the top lot. We would line up for a series of sprints. “All Outs” for about 70 yards, mosey back. Rinse and repeat for 3 sets. Jolly Rancher and Dauber asked what many were likely thinking, “Sprints? Where’s the COP?” Don’t worry fellas. This is us just getting loose. We don’t get up for easy and this was just setting the tone. After our final sprint we would continue on with a mosey behind the chapel for…

COP: Nuclears…if a nuclear was a bomb, then this one was a dud!! In all my excitement and in trying to curtail the mumble chatter, I forgot how nuclear’s were supposed to be counted. By the time we got through the first set of ten I realized something wasn’t right. After a mixture of jeering and encouragement from the PAX I decided to scrap it and move on…Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Walkers, SSH, Runner’s Stretch w/ RoL, down for Pigeon Stretch (Jewel corrected me in saying that these now are known as Caitlyn Jenners….but not to your Bird. Imagine me trying to explain to my avian brethren that I replaced their name with a former male Olympian that now identifies itself as a woman…) Switch and repeat-o on the other side. Finish off with a bunch of Plank Jacks. Recover and mosey outside the playground for…

Tabata: 8 rounds; 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. We would rotate between Burpees and Jump Lunges until time was completed and we got in 4 rounds of each. It was here that YHC realized that the mumble chatter could not be contained. I would equate today’s experience like an Action painting. An Action painting is defined as type of art, that uses splashed, smeared or dripped paints on the canvas. Well, the workout was the canvas and the PAX and the mumble chatter were like the paint adding color and chaos. I’d like to share some of the finer points but there either weren’t any…or there were too many to pinpoint just a few. I will say though that Captain Insane-O was sorely missed.

On we would move to the next Thang: mosey to the top lot once more for a set of 11’s. One end was Groiners and the other end was Diamond Merkins. Jewel and Dauber beasted through it, Gisele, Patty and Timeshare were in the zone, Worm tried to jaw with Dukes but when he saw that Dukes was here to work he opted to hump Stick Up’s leg instead. Jolly Rancher wanted to lead the pack but in true Nantan form stayed back to pick up Cratchit who was sucking wind as a result from being out of the Gloom for a bit. It was awesome having you back out bro! Recover and mosey back to the playground for…

The next Thang: 12 minute EMOM of 5 pull-ups, 5 hanging crunches, 5 Merkins, 5 Squats. I think Jewel doesn’t think I know how long a minute is because he kept asking me if I was sure I had the timer right. Trust me Jewel, it was a full 12 minutes. Worm wondered why his pull-ups didn’t look the same as some of the others. It was here that Stick Up reminded him about the pull-up challenge. There’s still time Worm. If you start in March it’s only 65 pull-ups a day to get to 2022. Your brother can help offer you encouragement. It’s been bada$$ watching his growth!

Dang this has been a long hour!! All of that and still 15 minutes left?!! We would next utilize the portico: 15 Dips, 10 Box Jumps and 10 BBSUs. Run to the curb by the church and repeat-o for a total of 3 sets. Recover and head back to the flags.

4 minutes to spare and just enough time to get extremely serious. Listened to the Wonkey Donkey song and did some plank work along with some Donkey Kicks. It was here that your Bird established himself as a top Q. Not at all goofy. Whatever happened during the previous 56 minutes went by the wayside and the only thing PAX would remember on their way home was… “I was walking down the road and I saw a donkey…”

Time was called and we stayed circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements (Dare 2 Care, Worm’s monthly Ruck…in August) Prayed for the mother of Brian Benjamin and also for the people over in Russia and The Ukraine. Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and for the prospect of another day. Closed us out with the Lord’s Prayer.

Until next time…which actually happens to be tomorrow at Bayside…


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