3.1.22 Back Blast: The Max @ Bayside

Dem Country boys are so inviting and hospitable. They are so kind as a matter of fact that there was a lot “gentlemen” talk even before 0530 hit. You know, I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day and the energy that was out there before I even got to wipe all of the sleep out of my eyes was validation. Glad I was right in preparing a song to get us started before getting into the Thang. By the time YHC had to deliver the disclaimer 7 in total were circled up and ready to go in like lions to this first day of March.

PAX: Firing Pin, Birdie, Slide Rule, Charolais (R), Ruby (R), grandpa bear, BigBird (Q)

As I mentioned in my Pre Blast, Slide Rule had requested that I make this one count. I always put a lot of pressure on myself to give the PAX in attendance the best experience possible but now that it’s formally asked of me, I had to be sure to follow through. We would start out with a mosey around the entire parking lot at the front of campus to get warm. We would then circle up for…

COP: BLIMPS…you know…cuz it’s Fat Tuesday and all…B: 5 burpees, L: 10 lunges (each leg a half), I: 15 IC imperial walkers, M: 20 merkins, P: 25 plank jacks & S: 30 squats. Recover and short walk over to the Tailgater for…

The Song: ‘Good Day’ by the Nappy roots. PAX would plank for the entirety of the song and every time we heard “good day” we would get in two Merkins. Ruby shared his appreciation. We would do a quick recovery mosey to an island across the lot and back before…

The Thang: again, Slide Rule had reminded me that March is Women’s History Month so in honor of that and Fat Tuesday we would pair up the two and knock out a CrossFit benchmark workout: Fat Amy.

We all worked hard and completed (some of us either twice or almost twice) it with a couple of minutes to spare. Firing Pin would bring us home with 25 IC LBCs and Charolais added in 20 IC Freddy Mercury’s.

Making it count: You know, at first when I met Firing Pin I thought he was coming out either because his Dad made him or maybe it’s because he just likes the quality time. But let me tell you, this young man’s a beast! He keeps up with all of us and doesn’t take any shortcuts. He knocks out burpees and groiners and leads us all in IC workouts. Firing Pin makes it count! Birdie’s his Dad, helped bring him into the world and is raising him right. He almost made it through two whole rounds. Birdie’s making it count. Grandpa Bear has a baby at home, is likely running on fumes most days and is still making time to come back out to The Gloom. Grandpa’s making it count. Ruby travels all the way from The Patriot to Bayside and everywhere in between. He’s crushing the pull-up challenge and is getting better every day. Ruby’s making it count. Slide Rule has done a great job out at Bayside, is a solid Site Q and dominated Fat Amy…twice! Slide Rule’s making it count. Charolais either loves burpees or hates burpees but either way he knocked em out and keeps up with these young whipper snappers with grace. Charolais makes it count. Soapbox moment: In all you do every day, put your best foot forward, work hard and make it count!

Finally, circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Announcement was made about the four year anniversary of Bayside next Tuesday March the 8th. BE THERE! Mentioned the March M challenge (details to follow). Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and asked that He provide a swift, peaceful resolution to the conflict in Russia and Ukraine. Thanked Him as always for allowing us to put our two feet on the floor and look forward to the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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