BB- 3/1/22 – The Planetarium at the Boondocks – Meter Maid Q – It really isn’t about the Benjamins

As I write this backblast, I start with one of the two messages that I shared during COT. I say this because life is not all about the Benjamins. It is also written below so that Pelican and Dauber can read it. They couldn’t read my quick chicken stretch over text. I can’t wait to rate their writing skills on their next exercise board -lol.

First message (it comes from a podcast – likely one that Cousin Eddie would listen to): “Death is thought of as something in the future…it is happening right now…we are dying every minute…manage this precious resource…we often fritter it away but guard our property and possessions, what is more renewable- time or property? You can’t create more time.”

Second message: “Being great at something requires focus and concentration. It requires the elimination. He who is everywhere is no where. Everything you say yes to means saying no to something else. No to the inessential allows you to double down and say yes to what matters.”

Now let us talk about how I got this Q. It reminded me of all the footnotes found in a draft pick that has been traded numerous times. I feel like I should have negotiated better or perhaps I was just trusting the process (I said that one for Tidwell as Philadelphia 76ers fan.)

Focker accidentally deleted his Patriot Monday Qs so I decided to cover the Patriot Q on Monday. Then, Lambeau reached out to swap for this Boondock Q. I was glad to get back out to lead the Boondocks. Flexseal reached out to see if I was going to bring the potted plants out. I wanted to do something different.

Here is the 10 that showed up for today: Layover (awake since 2:30AM after helping put out a local fire, any of you with excuses for not posting?…talk to HIM), Backflop, Holy Roller (R), Buckshot, Flexseal, Patty, Honey Do, Dracula (a newer pax and Lambeau’s neighbor), Single Source and Meter Maid (Q).

I got there early to setup the board and music for the workout. I ended up opening my GoRuck rental store in my Explorer trunk and provided a ruck for Dracula to use as a coupon.

At 530am, I provided the disclaimer. We took a quick loop. I realized the Q juice was going and I had to slow Backflop and myself up. We circled up for COP. I had a quick count off and we started with 5 nuclears. Then, we did runners stretch and stuff (strict) and a few stretches to get ready. We took our coupons and walked or rucked to the concession stand.

I walked everyone through the board especially for any exercises needing a demonstration. It seemed during every demonstration something kept falling out of my pockets. You would have thought I was heading to “Let’s Make a Deal” where Monty Hall asks who has a random item at the end of the show and gave them money for it.

Then, I placed on some music for the pax. Sorry no ads Dauber! We got after it picking our own combination of 100 and completing a lap.

With five minutes left, we took our coupons and headed toward the flag. With under a minute, we finished with flutter kicks IC until time was called.

Then, we circled up around the flag. We started with COR, although Layover went straight to NOR. Read the start of my post, he got a pass. After the second try, we completed NOR.

For announcements, Dare to Care is March 5. Bayside 4 year anniversary is March 8 and the Amazing Race monthly ruck with PK is March 26. Honey Do has the Boondocks Q on March 3. For intentions we mentioned those in the Ukraine. We also prayed for the Russians as well who are disagreeing with the direction of their leadership. Prayers for a successful resolution. Then, I read the two messages and ended with an Our Father.

Always Humbled to Lead,

-Meter Maid

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