BB – 2.23.2022 – The Foundry at The County

The Heavy at the county is a great way to slow the pace, focus on form and see what’s new with your fellow brothers. PAX in attendance MeterMaid, Dauber, Cochran, Tidwell, BigBird, Brown Water, Honey Do(Q).  First gotta throw out props to BigBird, two weeks prior I tested positive for covid and needed a last min change, saw Bird on the calendar for the Foundry a few weeks out, one text and he gratefully swapped dates no questions asked… I owe that guy one for sure…. Now back to the current post… being just shy of my forty second birthday I figured.. why not do a pre Bd weinkie….

I arrived to the School Portico 1st just beating out MM, after that It was a close call with everyone rolling in at time, it seemed.

COP – SSH, Toy Soldiers, DD, Mount Climbers

The Thang:

Using the Birthday theme, PAX would have a choice of 2 exercises, completing 27 (for the 27th day of feb) and 42 (age).

·        Gas pumps

·        Dips

·        LBC

·        Calf raises

·        flutterkicks

·        step ups

·        Big boy

·        Derkins

·        pull ups

·        merkins

·        monkey humpers

·        lunges

After completion of 27 and 42, PAX moves with Coupon up the ramp to top lot where they would complete the following in sequence.

·        10 – Overhead press

·        15 – Squats

·        20 – Curls

·        25 – Bench Press

As time extinguished and T-Swift on the mic(a Dauber fav), I counted five or six rounds completed. We circled around the flag for CORA, NORA, & Intentions for those in the war zone.

Always a pleasure sharing the morning with fellow F3 brothers.

Honey Do

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