BB – The Range @ The Patriot – Edward Scissorhands 3/02/22

It was a calm, cool but comfortable morning. There was no rain, no wind and no blistering cold. All was calm. Until 15 HIM’s united at the Lagrange Courthouse Square for 45 minutes of movement. Introductions of Tom, the FNG were quickly followed by COP. A brief Indian run around the square and church got the blood flowing a bit and then over the hill we went, coupons in hand. The newly paved and lighted parking lot offered the perfect setting for some four square work. Starting at the bottom left corner we did murder bunnies up, rifle carries across, lunges down and curls back to the starting point making sure our coupons didn’t get lonely. After a couple rounds of that we met up in the far end of the parking lot for some sprints, four to be exact. Then we returned to the bottom corner starting point for round two of Bear Runs. Bear crawls up the hill, followed by 40 monkey humpers with a run around the parking lot and repeat. After each bear crawl up the hill we were met with a different exercise of 40 Bonnie Blairs, then 40 Donkey Kicks. Heart rates were up, muscles were starting to fatigue and the sweat was rolling. So it was a perfect time for round 3 which was coupon heavy. 40 Coupon Squats at the bottom of the lot and then rifle carry up to top and do 40 skull crushers, followed by walking curls back down the hill. Again, the coupons were not left behind. They journeyed with us steadfastly. We repeated another round up the hill to end with 40 manmakers. Time was slipping away so we called an audible and left the manmaker mania. No one seemed to mind this change of course. Four more sprints were followed by Nuclear Abs, 6+ minutes of non-stop abs, no breaks. I joked that Nuclear Abs were the more promiscuous little sister to Nuclear’s since she is always on her back… but the joke fell flat over the heavy breathing of 15 tiring HIM’s. The men charged through the ab workout and we ended with a couple more sprints and then journeyed off to the flag for COT. Tom, the FNG told us he worked for Egglands Best, so ultimately his F3 name became Cage Free! It was a great morning to be out in the gloom and all men on hand pushed hard and hopefully got better…….and will likely feel those murder bunnies, bear crawls and nuclear abs later today!

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