3.21.22 Back Blast: The Motivator @ The Abyss

How time it does fly…Since the beginning of the year I’ve only been to The Abyss a few times and hadn’t Q’d at all. About 6 weeks ago Harbaugh was looking to fill up the calendar so I decided to have him sign me up for this one so I could check it off my IHC list. Plus, it’s always good to run into Flip Flop, Harbaugh, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, Glowsticks, Kitty Litter and to catch F-Stop on a rare day where he is a PAX member instead of a Q. Unfortunately, not all of the aforementioned were there…and F-Stop did have a Q the next day and likely needed some rest to prep. Fortunately though, as I make a left hand turn into the park to get set up, I see Harbaugh already there out planting the flag. We say hello, knuckle bump, have a brief conversation before, right on schedule, Flip Flop rolls in at 0530 and 30 seconds. This would be our group, disclaimer was given and off we would go for a warmup mosey towards the front of the park and back before stopping at a fork in the road for some COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch and RoL, switch and repeat-O on the other side & finish with some Mountain Climbers. Recover and mosey ahead for…

The only Thang: 2 sets of 11’s. Plank Jacks on one side, Burpees in the middle. Down to the other end and Mountain Climbers on that side and back to the middle for Merkins. 10 & 1, 9 & 2 and so on and so forth. T Claps to Harbaugh for always having to leave early but still showing up. Still planting the flag. Still working hard. T Claps to Flip Flop for just being a straight beast!

Recover and get to the court having time enough for a Jack Webb of 1 BBSU to 4 Flutter Kicks. 0615 and time was callied.

Circled up….well, since it was just me and Flip Flop…we just stood next to each other, had some good 2rdF for a few and prayed for each other as we were both preparing to start new jobs.

Thanks Harbaugh and FF for starting your week with me at the darkest AO around.

Until next time…


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