Pre-Blast 03.26.22 – The Hurt @ The Mutt – Kitty Litter Q

I was considering that age-old philosophical question about a tree falling in the forest…and would anybody “hear” it if nobody was around? Well, since I had only heard of the Mutt, and the wild pack of Mutt’rs who dwelt there–but haven’t actually seen a Mutt’r outside his natural habit, I was inspired to do a bit of recon (in the form of a post this past Tuesday…”Go West young man!” was the call). So, to answer the question, “if a Mutt’r breaks a sweat in St. Matthews, but no other Pax was there to join the COT or hear any Mutterchatter, did the WO actually happen?” Hmmm. Great question, but I can attest that the Mutt does indeed exist, so you can put away all your conspiracy theories and show up tomorrow (Saturday the 26th) for a 7:00a Hurt beatdown…coupons are on site. –KL–

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