3.23.22 Back Blast: The Tank @ Vets

I like to consider myself a bit of a nomad. As I meet new dudes it often comes up in conversation on where my home AO is. Of course I’m a County boy through and through and have immense love for all my fellas in the GCA. But the second thing I will always say is that I like to travel. You see…every individual has their own personality and something to offer. Then you take it a step further and think about all of the individuals that make up each AO and that’s what makes it so special. I mean I could spout off every AO in F3 Louisville and confidently say that I’ve made lasting friendships at every one. Friends that I would have never made if : 1) F3 didn’t exist and 2) if I didn’t take it upon myself to get up just a few minutes earlier, step outside of my comfort zone and meet new friends…see what each place has to offer. I mention all of this to say that The Vets is definitely an original. You likely will not know what the workout will be. Will there be a lot of running? Will you be moving around a bunch of random weights? Will you be doing murder bunnies? You most likely won’t do Bear Crawls cuz apparently they don’t do them at Vets…But one thing is 100% guaranteed…for 45 minutes at zero dark thirty in the morning you will have a blast hanging out with your boys and 45 minutes will go by in a flash. The mumble chatter is second to none and makes hard work seem not so hard. A little more tolerable. I could spout off 10 dudes that make that AO so special but if you’re one of them…you already know who you are…and your Bird loves you for being you…especially Tony Malito (he my man crush)…oh, and except Worm. Enough of the mushy sh!t, on to the meat and potatoes.

The PAX: Vincent (R), Fertile Myrtle, ShamWow (FNG), Bombay, Stick Up, Gomer, Tony Malito, Handbook, Kilo, Alfalfa, BigBird (Q)

0530 and it was time to get after it. Disclaimer was given and off we would go around the monument. Lap 1: warmup mosey, Lap 2: All out, Lap 3 Recovery mosey. Circle up around the seal for…

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Hillbilly Squat Walkers, Runners Stretch w/RoL. Repeat-O but on the other side, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers and Mr. Ponchos. Recover and a short mosey to under the shelter for 10 Burpee Box Jumps. Recover and head to the big open lot for…

The Thang: 11’s with curb side being Crackens and grass side being Jump Squats. 10 & 1, 9 & 2…you get the picture. A few things here: 1) one of the “looked good on paper” type of workouts. 2) Bombay crushed it!! I don’t care if he had shoulder issues and had to modify. He was a beast! And 3) Tony Malito was on his “A” game. He was delivering an Emmy winning performance to the dudes that he was working with and even found time to almost beat your Bird in an All Out race from end to end. We all worked hard and got to finish together. After a couple of 10 counts we headed back towards the flags stopping at the shelter once again for 10 more Burpee Box Jumps. Caught a bit of slack for having us Bear Crawl from shelter to seal…but you know…Freed to Lead, right?

Circled up around the seal for a little bit of Mary. Kilo’s FNG Chris, who shall forever be known as ShamWow (Tony Malito came up with that one about halfway through the workout and wouldn’t let it go until that was his new identity.) started us off with his own awful core exercise. T-Claps to him for being a new guy and stepping up to torture us with his own flavor. Continued on around the circle with PAX adding in those own Mary flavor until time was called.

Circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Made an announcement about ShamWow’s Atlas Trail event he and his M have put together on April 16th. Check Mumble Chatter for details. Sent up our unsaid intentions and thanked the Sky for this phenomenal group of men. Ended with the Lord’s Prayer.

Until next time…


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