BB- Patty Q – Defender at the Patriot 5/27/22

Men gathered at 0530 (with a few stragglers), disclaimer was given, and we wasted no time and got to work. What better way to start the weekend than a WO at the Patriot. 🇺🇸

Attendance Report: Boss Hog (R), Furdays, Kitty Litter, Colonel Klink, Mannequin, Holly Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Ruby (R), Layover, Single Source, Honey Comb, Patty (Q)

COP was a relaxing stretch that lead to a jump start into the MAIN THANG. Started with SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward dog for calf stretches (R over L/ Right,Right/ Right hand to the Sky Q; and switch), and then some Micheal Phelps for arm stretches. We needed a good jump start to prepare for the next exercise, so we finished COP with Nuclear’s (4 different SSHs that counted down from 10). After we finished, we moseyed over to the LaGrange parking lot for the Main Thang.

The MAIN THANG: We began the WO and the first song on the playlist set the tone for the rest of the time, Beastie Boys – Sabotage and we were off for an 11’s workout. 10 Man Makers at the top of “Heartbreak Hill” and 1 BBS at the bottom with an incremental decrease/increase at each exercise spot. We kept it simple and the PAX gave it everything they had.

***Key songs that kept us going, Brandy – Looking Glass, The Gambler – Kenny Rogers, and One Man Can Change the World – Kanye, Big Sean, John Legend. The Patty F3Louisville Spotify playlist will always keep you on your toes! 🙂

Last THANG: We finished off the WO together as a group with an in cadence merkin to 21, representing the fallen victims of the Uvalde, TX mass shooting. We wrapped up and headed back to the LaGrange statue for COT.

COT: We gathered and discussed a number of announcements. Yankovic and Holy Roller hashed it out on their fundraising abilities. Their efforts and other affiliated groups raised over $15,000 for a local Children Resource Center. Mannequin, Focker, and Colonel Klink have a brand new “Man in the Arena” workout that will be coming soon with more details posted on #mumblechatter. Lastly, YHC will be the new SiteQ for the Defender at the Patriot. I am very honored to continue the efforts of Holly Roller and Focker as well as ALL the other HIMs that call the Patriot home and make this AO great.

We finished with intentions, Ball of Man, and the Sky Q’s prayer. We definitely earned a Holiday weekend and started off our day on the right foot. Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who serve this country and give us the freedom to gather together.

Until next time. SYITG


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