6.17.22 Back Blast: The Avenger @ The Patriot

I was ahead of schedule. I had all my stuff ready the night before. I woke up early and was out the door, sure that I had plenty of time for a nice easy drive out to LaGrange. As I walked outside, it was still hot but not like the prior days this week where it felt like you were walking into an oven at 0515. I was even kissed on the face by a gentle breeze as I stepped into my car. I knew at that moment…today was going to be a good day.

My “good vibe” feelings were further validated when I arrive at the Patriot. I was greeted by 12 other dudes that had made it out even earlier than I did. Knuckle bumps were exchanged, mumble chatter was strong and the energy filled the air on a Friday morning when the night was turning into day. I had a good one planned for these HIM and I was ready to get under way.

PAX: Holy Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Single Source, Kitty Litter, Mannequin, Ferb (2.0), Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Layover, Furdays, Focker, Xerox, BigBird (Q)

0530, disclaimer was given and off we would mosey until we arrived just outside of Mannequin’s house where we would circle up for some COP. I figured this would give him and his 2.0 Ferb a chance to use the restroom, pick us up a snack for us or some Kool-Aid to drink. They passed on the opportunity…

COP: SSH, Hillbilly Squat Walkers, Pendulums, Runners Stretch stuff with Pigeons and not Caitlyn Jenners. While in plank we would 4 count Merkin, followed by Mountain Climbers, followed by more 4 count Merkins and finished us off with some Plank Jacks. Recover and head to Heartbreak Hill for…

Thang 1: we would only utilize half of Heartbreak Hill for this one and during the explanation Holy Roller would ask YHC if I was sure I didn’t want to go all the way down. Yes HR, myself and 11 other dudes were sure…but wait…what’s this? Is that our Site Q Patty that came in hot and apologetic? All good Patty! Your energy and push would come right on time and you would turn our unlucky 13 into 14! See? This day just keeps getting better!

The work would be 25 Squats at the top of the hill, mosey down the halfway point at the stop sign (the first stop sign Holy Roller), 25 Merkins and then all you got to the top of the hill. Rinse and Repeat-o until 3 rounds were completed. It was a sight to behold seeing dudes lined across Heartbreak Hill pushing themselves while the sun was rising! Recover and cross the train tracks for…

Thang 2: Set of 11’s – Burpees on one end and Jump Lunges on the other. A cool moment from a Bird’s eye view: Snaggletooth who is Rip’s 2.0 is 15. He works hard like us grown men. Well, at some point Mannequin’s 2.0 Ferb was struggling. Snaggletooth stopped, checked on him and stayed with him the whole rest of the time talking with him and helping him through. Rip’s raising him right and he already knows what it means to leave no man behind. Nice job young man!

Recover and a slowzey (slow mosey…or just a walk – thanks Rip for the inspiration on that one) back to all of the flags. We would have just enough time for some lazy Toy Soldiers (YHC fudged that one up) and some Flutter Kicks.

Circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements (The Man in the Arena challenge at The Patriot this Saturday) and lifted up our intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for this special group of men that made the decision to come out on a Friday to get mo better. Always a pleasure boys.

Until next time…


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