BB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light

Weather was perfect in the low 60s. 12 HIMs gathered for a workout but found themselves trapped in a torturous Jack Webb Circuit.

Disclaimer given, SSHs, grass grabbers, imperial walkers, DD/LoR/LfLh/Tuck/DD/RoL/RfRh/Tuck, kendra neumans / phelps while the thang was described.

The Thang:

At the starting line, at the beginning of each round, 5 Manmakers, 30 coupon squats followed by an out and back 4:1 Jack Webb. At the turn around on each round, 30 LBCs.

Round 1 – Bear Crawl / Ghiadora

Round 2 – Lunge Walk / Bobby Hurley

Round 3 – Broad Jump / Burpee

Round 4 – Bear Crawl / WMDs

Round 5 – Lunge Walk / Jump Squat

Round 6 – Broad Jump / Mountain Climbers

Slid into the finish with a 1 min plank.

@Dot was a beast and was able to sneak in a partial Round 1 for a second time.

Promised Steve-O no running, no running is what we did.

Announcements, Intentions, Our Father.

Always a pleasure to lead!

Cheers ~ NattyLite

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