7.5.22 Pre Blast: The Planetarium @ The Boondocks – BigBird Q

Man!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better 4th of July! You likely enjoyed some good food, fun and family fellowship. All alliteration aside we are here now on the rebound of an epic extra day weekend. There is only one thing better to do. Start your short week off on the right two feet for one last big blast.

Come out to The Planetarium where we will work out to some Katy Perry, run a bunch, stop for some PT along the way and conclude with some Ray Charles reflection at the end of it all.

One last hoorah will put the icing on top of an all star weekend allowing you to go head first into a new week.

All you gotta do is turn the alarm clock off, lace up them shoes and bring your own selves out to Peggy Baker Park. You don’t even have to bring your standard issued concrete blocks in your sidecar.


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