9.17.22 Pre Blast: The Nest @ The County – Cochran & BigBird Co-Q postiversary

Remember how when you were a single guy all that you had to worry about was yourself? It’s good for a while but then you end up searching for deeper meaning in your life. You then find the one that puts up with your shenanigans and marry up before she gets away. And then after that it’s all roses, right? Well…F3 is a non contractual marriage of sorts. It’s frowned upon to sleep in, while going through it it can suck pretty bad but on the other end you feel great and are one step closer to being the man you were put on this earth to be.

Your Bird is fortunate that I have an F3 wife…or husband…or, you know what? Nevermind…nothing I say next would make what I said just now any better. Let’s just say that Cochran is my brother from another mother and we began our F3 journeys together on the same Saturday five years ago to the day. Come out to the County tomorrow ITG as we renew our nuptials for the 4th year. There will be a modest amount of running, some coupon carrying and maybe even some hand holding.


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