10.4.22 Pre Blast: The Loco @ The County – BigBird Q

If WordPress allowed me to post a hype picture it would probably include something from Smokey and the Bandit with the caption “10-4 good buddy!” Since it doesn’t you will have to use your imagination and pretend that its here. Tomorrow ITG we will celebrate 10/4 by putting in some hard work, murdering some bunnies (So the Humane Society doesn’t get up in arms I need to include that no bunnies or animals were harmed in the writing of this pre blast nor will they be harmed at tomorrow’s workout), and some other such nonsense. You will need coupons for lifting and moving, running shoes for the modest amount of running we’ll do, gloves if think your hands will need them and a desire to feel good about doing something difficult to start your day.

Come fly with me!

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