BackBlast: 2023 Pull-up challenge

86,102 27 18

86,102 is the # of pull-ups your boys knocked out in 3 short months. 27 is the number of HIM that achieved the goal of at least 2023 pull-ups in the aforementioned three short months. And 18 is the number of men that were new to this challenge, eager to get after it and see what it was all about!

If you were to tell me in 2020 that this CSAUP idea would still be going; and not only going but gaining momentum with each passing year, I would’ve told you your crazy! And now the reach has even bled into another region!! There’s a story behind it’s inception but many of you are probably sick of hearing, “back when I tore my ACL…” But is a story that changed me forever and if ever you want to hear it, I’ll gladly share it with you. Because you see, it’s a story of adversity. It’s a story of a pretty dark time in your Bird’s life. It’s also a story of what what one can do when facing a road block. How when you have brothers looking out for and you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you can become a trailblazer and go on a journey to become more, better, gooder. In doing so, you might just be able to witness other dudes going through their own firsts and doing things they never thought possible.

My heart swells with pride as I look back and reflect on this years journey and the men that played a part. The PAX that met the goal: Air Raid, Brown Water, Clap Trap, Cochran, Cousin Eddie, Dauber, DeVitto, Digiorno, Dot, Fertile Myrtle, Foghorn (F3 Evansville), Kitty Litter, Lockbox, Mom Suit, Mr. Hat, Pizza, Pope, RipVan Winkle, Ruby, Scuba Steve (F3 Evansville), Snaggletooth, Soups, Squid (forever F3 Louisville but also F3 Evansville), Stick Up, Stripes (F3 Evansville), BigBird (QIC).

I have a story for each one of you and whether you like it or not, we be brothers for life! What’s more, they all have their own story to tell and dollars to donuts, they’ll be happy to share their journey with you.

I’m proud of you guys and I hope you’ll consider joining me for next year’s #2024-pull-up-challenge.

Until next year…


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