4.18.23 Back Blast: Extreme week @ The County – PM Beatdown

About two weeks before the start of Extreme week, Furdays reached out and asked my thoughts on doing a Co-Q with my boy Worm for an evening workout at The County. A few things here: 1) I’m still a sucker for a call out. 2) Honored to be thought of, and 3) if it was going to be with Worm it was bound to be a good time (well for me at least…for others…it depends on what your experience is with the under the earth soil dweller). Absolutely Furdays, sign me up!

Worm and I chatted briefly the day before to workout the minor details such as what we were planning on doing, how we were going to use the space and who was not bringing the Bud Light (insert side story surrounding the controversy). I was hoping for some good numbers and Worm was confident we’d have a strong showing. He was right.

PAX: 33 in total: Big Bird – Q, Worm – Q, Jewel, Dot – R, Montezuma, Finkle, Grizzie 2.0, Russdiculous, Big Poppy 2.0, Viking, Double Pump, Double Down, Nutty Professor, Honeycomb, Jolly Rancher, Fun Dip 2.0, Fertile Myrtle, Hurricane 2.0, Mr Crabs 2.0, Sling Blade 2.0, Xbox 2.0, FOCKER, Barnacle 2.0, Tarzan 2.0, Squashy, Brownwater, PCI, Venom 2.0 – FNG, Cartwheel 2.0 – FNG, Patty, Mannequin, Ferb 2.0, Natty Light

This would prove to be my favorite workout of the New Year. Having dudes show up from all over the region ready for a two-a-day with many bringing out their 2.0’s was pretty dang special. It reminded me of the F3 Dads that The County had going before stupid COVID reared it’s ugly spikey head and put a pause on, we’ll…pretty much everything. Sure hope we get back to that this summer…and The Night Rangers…and whatever other AO brings about their own interpretation.

1830, disclaimer was given and off Worm would take us for a quick little warm up mosey. Following that we circled up in the lot as Worm and I traded off COP exercises.

Counted off in 2’s as we prepared for the Thangs. One group would go with me and the other would join Worm on the flat grassy spot behind the church and beautiful stained glass window the St. Aloysius Church offers. We never use this spot and I’m not sure why but Worm’s genius spontaneity was perfect for his coupon leg day. Your other Humble Correspondent would lead the men (and 2.0’s) on some partner work and running laps. We would swap after a period of time so dudes could get Worm and Bird. A lot of hard work was done, sweat was made and memories were created.

I’ll spare you the details of all the work we did for this one but I’ll give you a few highlights from a bird’s eye view. Working with all of our 2.0’s was special, Natty Light is fast and we gave witness to the birth of Ferb-taps (coming to an AO near you).

Extreme week was bada$$ and this night made hard work seem a little more tolerable. Thanks Patriot Boys for putting this out there and making it happen. Congratulations to all of the finishers for making a commitment and seeing it through to the end.

And to Worm…you can be my “wing-man” anytime!!

Until next time…


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