Walt Whitman Challenge

This challenge is centered around the Back Blast. The winner of this challenge will win the soon to be coveted, Walt Whitman trophy for excellence in literary mastery and good with words.

What is this Back Blast you speak of Bird? Well, you know what a Pre Blast is, right? Most of you participate and are aware that it’s an opportunity to share what will shake down in the workout to come. It’s important. It lets PAX know what to expect. If it’s run heavy and one isn’t a runner, they can read someone else’s pre blast and head somewhere else. Well, the Back Blast in my Bird brain opinion in almost as equally important (although I’ve been slacking on this one myself – but that’s why I’m here. To bring it back!).

The Back Blast is the Q’s chance to brag about what went on that day. But Bird, I was there, other dudes were there. What’s the point in taking time to write something to relive it? Well, imaginary person that I’m having a conversation with…I’m glad you asked. I’ll never forget Pope’s story and what he went through to keep him from coming out to The Gloom. Word traveled around F3 Louisville that while he was recovering, he enjoyed reading the Back Blasts of the day to see who was there, what creative shenanigans were done and what stories accompanied the day. I’d like to think that it helped with his recovery, living vicariously through what his brothers were going through. His daily dose of FOMO was unprescribed but much needed.

In my opinion, it’s one form of glue that may keep a newer guy dialed in. It might motivate someone to work harder in hopes that they might get mentioned in someone’s blast, it may give someone ideas that they can use for a future Q (all have held true for me).

To qualify for the trophy, a Q has to complete both a Pre Blast and a Back Blast. The Back Blast can be as long winded or brief as you care to make it. The Back Blast can include (as is mentioned on https://f3nation.com/a-guide-to-your-first-q/): Title, location and date of the workout, who attended, who the Q was, a rundown of what was done, aka The Thang, and some level of the Q’s own mumble chatter and observations.

You can have as many entries as you have Q’s in the month of May. YHC will select my top 3 most bestest, cleverest blasts at month’s end. The top 3 will be voted on by you to determine the winner.

Get your parchment laid out, your quills on the dipped and ready and Let’s Go!!!

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