05/04/2023 Back-Blast The Big Kapowski

The night was short and the morning was lightning fast. The Q for The Big Kapowski was peeling rubber as the clock struck 5:30 AM. The old bull Charolais was gracious enough to get the pax on the move and to the courtyard for some SSH while I was arriving. As I pulled up we took a lap around the courtyard and while some held plank I got a couple of extra hands unloading a 136 lb mondopad computer for class. We plugged this into a lightpole and class was in session…

Instructor: Slide Rule- 3 Yr F3 Member and Site Q for The Big Kapowski

Educational Objectives/Learning Outcomes: Educate the pax on the technical sophistication of F3 Louisville and how it can improve all three Fs in their life

Required Software: Slack, Word Press, & internet Browser

Expectations: Willingness to: Q, communicate feelings, do hard things, and document the journey (including posting pre-blast, back-blast, and attendance)

Schedule of Activities: 2 min (10 sec rest) rounds of various exercises: Al Gore, Side plank L/R, Squats, plank, lunges, slow burpees); occasionally taking a lap around the Courtyard…while going through the curriculum:

Review uses of Slack: Mumblechatter, blasts, attendance, AO channels (i.e. F3Bayside), and hobby channels (i.e. F3climbers, Rucking, tacticool, etc).

Review function of Word Press: Communicate expectations internally and externally (PRE-BLAST), Have an AAR (After Action Review) of what went down and who was involved (BACK-BLAST)

Restate Functions of F3 Louisville specific Websites: f3louisville.com The go to for all things F3 in Louisville including ongoing event/Q calender and resources for Qing

Weasels.f3louisville.com – To serve as a reminder of consistency and document discipline (Charolais briefly aired his grievances about under reported attendance five years ago. Spam feels like he is cheating by getting credit for the stable guy that disappeared in the fall)

Final Exam: Suicides at three different intervals and then mountain climbers till the six arrived.

Defense of Learning: Had each of the Pax state what they learned and choose a mary exercise to lead. Not all graduated because time was called halfway through…

COT: Recapped the importance of Pre-Blasts, Back-Blasts, and sharing with each other what we are thinking. Personally I struggle to “share the load” with others. This is a simple as expecting Q’s to send out a blast and record attendance or in my workplace to require team members to do their share of the work – If I am not willing to teach, and develop others than I am not leading well, I am only serving my self importance, not their potential as a HIM (High Impact Man). Lifted up prayers for Birdie as he endures with Elbow/Arm injury, Friendly Fire’s 2.0 with recovery from Boo-boos, Wimsatt Family and Spencer County Community with loss of HS Senior Nathan in Auto Accident.

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