Backblast at #theMutt Ascending Body Blows

Q: Country Boy Pax: Water boy, spinal tap, tureen, Kidnapper Van, Quimby, zoolander, deuce, spreadsheet, tiger, Busch, Digiorno, draper, mad cow, giapetto, country boy, happy fingers, jelly finger; katina, bumblebee, PK. Warmup: jog to Portico Streeeeeeeeetch it out!. Now we loose! Thang: webbicides: monkey run suicide with increasing merkins at each line. Get to 10 … Continue reading Backblast at #theMutt Ascending Body Blows

TheMutt F3 Backblast “Tortoise and Hare BOMBS”

QIC: Country Boy PAX: old bay, doubtfire, spinal tap, juicy, jelly fingers, kidnapper van, happy fingers, digiorno, bumblebee, Tina, curly, mad cow, mouth, Quimby, deuce, Trojan, water boy, tigers, gepetto, Glenn Ross, spreadsheet, tureen, wimpy (fng) @F3Louisville @TheMuttF3 Jog around school to portico. Old man arm circles. QIC decides this group needs some culture and … Continue reading TheMutt F3 Backblast “Tortoise and Hare BOMBS”

Saturday #TheHurt at the Mutt

Country boy, Samson(fng) Hansel (fng), Mouth, Grinder, old bay, Quimby Zoolander, kidnapper van, spinal tap, Hobbs, Geppetto, Waterboy, moonlight, Doublewide, Zartan, terrene, Cool Hand Luke, Zelda, Tiger, Blue Meth. Warmup: ssh, squats, mountain climbers, lunges, old man arm circles.Field of DreamsCiabatta Bring Sally Up feat. Leg raisesRoxanne feat. Mercans and plankjacks50, 100, 150, 200; mercans, … Continue reading Saturday #TheHurt at the Mutt


AO: Seneca Park 25 PAX: Country Boy, Tin Cup, Water Boy, Old Bay (spicy), Force Close, Gypsy, Zartan, Tool Time, Nugget, Bean Counter, Scratch, Pope, Spinal Tap, Mouth, Tiger, Gepetto, Newman, Happy Fingers, Double Down, Taco, Methane, Kidnapper Van, Cutlass, Marcia, Digiorno (FNG). QIC: Country Boy WarmUp: Long way to the Field Hockey Field.  Grass Grabbers, … Continue reading #DONTSKIPLEGDAY

“CatchMeIfYouCan” Back Blast, VQIC: Country Boy 7/20/17

  VQIC: Country Boy 21 PAX: Country Boy, the Hammer, Kidnapper Van, Zartan, Screech, Methane, Mayberry, Red Snapper, Mouth, Trump, Quimby, Cutlas, Water Boy, Odie, Gepetto, El Tigre, Tron, Captain Insane-O, Zoolander, Star Child, and Marcia. At 5:30 in the Thursday AM gloom, a substantial number of good-looking PAX found themselves near, but not at, … Continue reading “CatchMeIfYouCan” Back Blast, VQIC: Country Boy 7/20/17