07.02.21 PB / Domino 2 Year Posty / The Garden

I got roped into this mess 2 years ago and it put me on a pathway to permanent lifestyle change. I’m so thankful for it and I’ve tried to share and encourage the same for others along the way. Come celebrate with me tomorrow. The Garden has plenty of coupons, no need to bring yourContinue reading “07.02.21 PB / Domino 2 Year Posty / The Garden”

Domino BB πŸ€ 11.03.20 πŸ€ Cliffs πŸ€ Garden

COP: 1 lap around campus , 2 single file running lines. Last PAX drops for 1 kraken burpee, sprints to the front of line. Repeat. SSH, Grass Grabbers, Quad Stretch, Calf & Runner Stretch. THANG 1: Bottom of Baptizer: 10 reps of each of the following – coupon swings, plank row, deadlift curl, chest pressContinue reading “Domino BB πŸ€ 11.03.20 πŸ€ Cliffs πŸ€ Garden”

09.24.20 Cloverfield @ The Garden BB – Domino

COP: SSH, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, Grass Grabbers, Calf & Runner Stretch, Quad Stretch Round 1 with Coupon: 30 curls, 30 squats, 30 chest press, 30 deadlift. If finish early, breakdancers until the six finishes reps Round 2: Run 1/3 length of parking lot, Bernie Sanders 1/3 of parking lot, Run 1/3 length of parkingContinue reading “09.24.20 Cloverfield @ The Garden BB – Domino”

06.16.20 The Cliffs at πŸ€The GardenπŸ€ BackBlast

EC: 1 mile run COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Calf & Runner stretches, mosey to the bottom of The Baptizer Bottom of The Baptizer Thang: 5 Man Makers, 10 Single Arm Rows, 15 Coupon Swings, 20 Coupon Squats, 25 Coupon Curls Top of The Baptizer Thang: 5 Shoulders & Toes, 10 Flutter Kicks, 15Continue reading “06.16.20 The Cliffs at πŸ€The GardenπŸ€ BackBlast”

02.01.20 Domino / The Hurt / The Mutt (BB)

0700 – 0800 38 degrees 98% humidity Wet pavement 27 PAX got after it on a beautiful, balmy, soon-to-be-spring morning. I appreciate every one of you being there, working hard, and affording me the opportunity to lead. PAX Deuce / Daisy Dukes (2.0) / Barney Fife / Sea Bass (2.0) / Sump Pump / FructoseContinue reading “02.01.20 Domino / The Hurt / The Mutt (BB)”

02.01.20 Domino @ The Hurt @ The Mutt (PreBlast)

It’s Super Bowl weekend! Get out to the Mutt tomorrow ready to compete. Your team needs you! Start February off right. No excuses. No hesitation. Just HARD COMMIT without giving it a second thought. You can worry about everything else after you gift yourself one hour of getting better. (Fear not, we will stay onContinue reading “02.01.20 Domino @ The Hurt @ The Mutt (PreBlast)”

Domino VQ @ The Cliffs @ The Garden 10.29.19 BackBlast

0530 – 0615 53 degrees 90% humidity Cloudy, dry PAX 10 – Mr. Roper, Uncle Rico, BigBird, Catfish, Fructose, Latex, Jumpseat, Harbaugh, Sarbanes, Domino (VQ) COP 15 Side Straddle Hops IC 15 Grass Grabbers IC 15 Imperial Walkers IC 15 Merkins IC Mosey to Coupons THANG 1 (9 mins) P1: Run up hill, 5 Burpees,Continue reading “Domino VQ @ The Cliffs @ The Garden 10.29.19 BackBlast”

Domino VQ @ The Cliffs @ The Garden 10.29.19 PreBlast

Stop the dominoes from falling at The Cliffs! Looking forward to my VQ and can’t thank everyone enough for pushing me to this point in my F3 journey. We’ll be partnering up to play dominoes. We’ll push coupons, our heart rate, and each other. Come get a full body WO that’s sure to leave youContinue reading “Domino VQ @ The Cliffs @ The Garden 10.29.19 PreBlast”