PARKLANDS is off and running: BB from Star Child #getbetter #bang #expansion #grow

QIC (YHC) Star Child (via CI)

Pax:  Star Child (Q), Kelso, Nomo, Wham!, Quimby, Nugget, Red Roof , Bobross, Taco, Bull Rider, Double Down, Little Jerry, Methane, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Joe Boo (FNG), Flea (FNG), Odie (FNG), Glaucoma (Glauc) (FNG), Rhythm (FNG), and Gypsy (FNG).

For this Preakness morning (2nd post of the F3Louisville Triple Crown), 21 HIMs showed up in the gloom to break the Parklands in, with 6 of them FNGs!  We would have had another if he had the right directions, waiting in someone’s driveway (WHEN THIS GUY DOES SHOW, THIS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR HIS NAME!)

We met right outside the Gheen Foundation Lodge, with a brief intro to what we are all about for the FNGs, then Moseyed on over to the Egg Lawn for the COP.


20 SSH

10 Imperial Walkers

10 Imperial Squats

10 count Rosalitas

The Thang-

After breaking the sweat, we fought the fog over to the Bridge, for some 7s. Sounds simple, but apparently not easy for YHC (Star Child) to explain at 5:30am, since I got the entire workout backwards, then corrected myself, THEN ran ahead of the group.  Once the hazing was done, we began:

  • 6 squats before the bridge, and 1 burpee at the end.  On top of the bridge we did 10 dips each time (I will feel that later).  Decreasing the squats and increasing the Burpees each time back to beginning.

That wore us out, so I added some Mary (Dollys, Freddie Mercuries, and American Hammers) Then we headed back to the Egg lawn for a light post run, ran past 10 light posts, stopping at each one for 6 jumping lunges.  Then ran back, stopping at 7 more posts for 6 Carolina Dry Docks at each light to wrap us up and take us back to the ShovelFlag.

Guys, I am wiped out.  Sore from yesterday, and nervous how sore I will be later tonight.  But won’t miss tomorrow for the world.  I am scared to death, knowing Captain Insane-o is going to lay a beat down, but somehow I am excited at the same time.  Thanks to all that came, new and old.  TClaps to those who made the trek from far so that we have a good turnout.  Mission accomplished my friends!

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