#TempleofGloom PreBlast: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… CI Q #getbetter #triplecrown #F3LouisvilleBelmont

For the 6 people who read my post on my #recon trip to @F3Orlando (thanks Mom!), it won’t surprise you that I’m straight up ganking their workout for tomorrow’s #TempleofGloom.  Here’s the link if you’re bored and want a sneak peak: CI Recon Blast

Due to time constraints, there will be some minor changes.  That said, you may want to bring gloves (if you’re hands are soft; coupon day) and there will not be a lot of running (Quimby and Star Child covered that in the Derby and Preakness this week).

But there will be pain.

Oh, and I’m bringing my friend Jack Webb.  He’ll melt your arms off.  Also, I’ve asked the SkyQ to add another log to the fire (it’ll be in the 80s), so we can emulate Orlando’s climate.

Now, go headlock some FNGs.  Even numbers will make tomorrow a lot better; you’ll doe-si-doe quite a bit with new partners.

See you in the #gloom for the third leg of the F3Louisville Triple Crown at Seneca.

CI out.



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