Star Child lays a beat down before the #rapture

Before everyone goes blind at 2:27 today, 15 HIMs gathered at Parklands to pray to the F3 gods. Newman, Hammer, Mr. Hat, Tron, Pope, Taco, Methane, Glaucoma, Double Down, Tool Time, Bobross, Caption Insane-o, Force Close, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child at the Q.

As I said in the Pre Blast, we aren't the only cult that circles up today, but damnit, we are the first. Here we go.

COP- We moseyed on over to the #EggLawn. I attempted to theme this day as a SLOW MO day, but altered course later. I will hang onto that idea for another Q.
– 10 SLO MO Merkins
– 20 SH
– 10 SLO MO Imperial Squats
– 10 SLO MO Parker Peters

The Thangs

  • Bridge
    • We moseyed on over to the bridge. Split into 3 groups, and sent one group on the other side. They did flutter kicks till relieved, while another group lunged. The middle group took off to relieve. Rinse and repeat each leg of the bridge three times.
  • The Shovelflag Post
      • We moseyed back near the shovelflag for a worse beat down. The three groups had stations, and we rotated on station #1 finish..
      1. Coupon Traps… 15, FIFTEEN COUNT, Captain!!! ONE FIVE… not 50..
        1. I will try to explain this better, because Captain Insane-o sure as hell couldn't understand.
        2. Lay you back on a knee wall (short wall, knee height), with the edge of the wall at your shoulders
        3. Grab the coupon over your head from the ground (above)
        4. Pull coupon over your head, and back down. Working your traps.
        • That's basically how I explained it, then I turn around to see the guys on the ground. Maybe their hearing wasn't too good, as they misunderstood 15 count for 50….
      2. Incline/Decline Merkins
        1. Once they were done with the 15 (or Captains 50), they relieved all of us. Group two had decline push ups
      3. Groiners
        1. Group 3 had groiners (becoming one of my hated favorites)
  • Jack Webb
    • How can you NOT do Jack Webbs on Eclipse Day??? It's a must for any cult.

Thanks for all. Special shout out to Force Close! He was noticeably kicking ass on the bridge! Way to go PAX. It's always an honor. And have fun staring at the sun today. This may be the last Back Blast you can ever read.

And congrats to Lil Smokey for the addition to a future F3er!

Star Child

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