11Jan2018 @TheHueBackBlast #painistemporary #itsgonnabehue-ge

VQ-Woodstock Pax(7): PK, Kilo, Captain Insano, Glaucoma, Stormtrooper, Star Child

Conditions: Schfifty Five degrees and clear #latechristmasgift. Couldn’t have asked for better environmentals for my VQ.

Gear: Civvies, headlamps, a couple agility cones and a wireless speaker.

I was a little nervous ahead of this workout. The nerves got to me the night before, and I had a hard time being content with my workout plan. The timing is what troubled me: I didn’t know how long each segment of the workout would take. It became clear that the only way to know was to just go for it and see how it went.

With seven pax ready to rock and roll, we started with a little mosey from the parking lot to the calisthenics field. Warmup/ first circuit looked like this:

Arm Circles x20, Lunges x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Squats x20, SSH x25. Rinse, Repeat followed by a bonus lap around the circle.

Then we hit a little core with:

Flutter Kicks x20, LBCs x20, Hello Dollies x20, Ankle Biters x20 and American Hammers x20.

After two circuits of strict calisthenics, it was time for a gut check. In spite of its title, the song Flower by Moby carries with it a reputation for suffering. Any pax who have ever done “bring Sally up” can understand. For those who haven’t, a simple Google search will reveal the challenge ahead of the seven of us.

When the grunts and groans of bringing Sally up and bringing her back down where finished, it was time to practice some functional movements. This involved two pairs of agility cones: one pair at 20 yards, the next at 40 yards. We performed one set each of the following:

Out- Lunge to 20yds, Sprint to 40yds Back- Broad Jump to 20yds, Bear Crawl to start line.

Out- Buddy Carry to 20yds, Switch  Back- Rinse, Repeat

Out- Wheel Barrel to 20yds, Switch Back- Rinse, Repeat

We topped it off with a nice mosey back to the parking lot.

I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment when I looked down at my watch just before COT and saw 0615.

Name-o-rama was followed by intentions at COT. During intentions, I noticed a clear reminder of the fact that in additional to a great lifestyle practice, being a HIM is an awesome opportunity to show support for your peers. Especially those among us who have to face the challenges of illness, change and family hardships. This is a substantial part of why F3 is a successful community. It’s great to get in a workout before sunrise, but it’s even better to be in the company of people who have each others back.

After intentions, we wrapped everything up with the Serenity Prayer.

I left The Hue feeling like my VQ was effective and concise. On time and on target. Thank you to the pax who posted, you guys are animals.




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