Double your pleasure, with a #Ruiner backblast and #incubator Preblast

Dear Diary,

I made a horrible mistake of taking the M to Ikea immediately following my Quest Q at The Ruiner. Since it was my first time at the gigantic world of wonder, I had no idea what I was in for. Long story short, I have 4 desks, 4 chairs, and a bookcase to build. So this isn’t gonna be a novel. To boot, I am the Q at home for the #incubator tomorrow, so I gotta carve some time to write a weinke. I will note that this workout turned out to be one of the roughest, toughest workouts I have had in a long while, all because of splitting my duties with Krazy Kilo. As expected, he dawned his highlighter tights from head to toe. I have to give him credit, as his distraction during Star Child Squats (let’s just say his highlighter was out…) made it more painful to bare….

PAX- Wham! Star Child (Q), Kilo (Q), Gillespie, PK, OJ, Stormtrooper, Tron, Bean Counter, Vincent, Scratch

I Qed first and asked all those who came to bring their Ruck if they have one.

COP- 100 SSH, Abe blablablas, Mountain Climbers, Donkey Kicks, Groiners


Everyone partnered up, and one partner grabbed a ruck. While one partner performed a suicide with merkins at the turn (increasing 5, 10, 15, 20 reps at each turn) on the tennis court. The other partner ‘patiently’ waited as they performed an exercise, using the ruck

  • Ruck Lunges
  • Ruck Curls
  • Ruck Squats
  • Ruck Flutters (holding the ruck above your chest while flutter kickin)

Four of those suicides wrapped up my 30 minutes, so I passed the baton to Kilo

(Before picture of Kilo)

He set up a speaker with the Troll soundtrack for extra excitement…. But that was all gone once he started his Kilbata… Tabata….

1 minute on, 10 seconds off… It was brutal

  1. Plank Moguls
  2. Star Child Squats (your eyes couldn’t avoid Kilo’s highlighter, and it seemed to tell everyone it was cold outside)
  3. Peter Parker Merkins
  4. Groiners
  5. AYG Lap
  6. Flutter Kicks
  7. Donkey Kicks
  8. Table Saw
  9. Man Maker
  10. AYG Lap (UGH, I gave it all last time!!!!!)
  11. Burpees (here is where I tasted bile)
  12. Elbow Plank
  13. Mountain Climbers
  14. Big Marge
  15. One more lap around

To catch our breath, Kilo did a great job of Yoga….. Kiloga…. at the end.

It was an honor to come back home to the O, and great to chat beforehand with many of the HIMs on the Ruck.

COT- Please keep Kilo’s friend Terry in your prayers, who is going through some rough stuff right now. Also for those effected by the shooting in FL. I prayed us out to continue to grow as men, and thanked the Sky Q for another great day.

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