I Love Ruiner – The Ruiner Backblast 2/24/18

Q: Captain Insaneo (YHC)

Pax (11): Spinal Tap (Enya), Vincent (respect), Wham!, Gillespie, Red Roof, Face, Mayberry, Cutlass, Noxeema Jackson (FNG), OJ, CI

My whole plan for the Ruiner got jacked by the weather. If you don’t know, it’s Ark Building time in the River City. Seriously. The city is a river now. Kevin Costner just pulled in. It’s that wet.

I love the Ruiner like Brick Tambland loves lamp. It was my first post. It’s an hour long. And it’s at the O, which has a lot of spots to incorporate into your beatdown. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s my favorite AO. I said it. Aside over.

Adding to my planning woes, I worked the fish fry last night and I woke up feeling like the shrimp I ate were still swimming. So I was kind of grumpy.

But then Spinal Tap saved the day.

He lives down the street from me, and he’s one of my favorite people. Did you know he knows Zac Brown? He used to hang out with him when ZB was a struggling bar singer. That’s not why I like Spinal Tap; I just think it’s kind of cool. It also took him 2 years to tell me this. This speaks to the kind of guy Spinal Tap is. He lives third. No airs. Family and community first. A true HIM. Aside over.

Anyway, I’m driving in chewing my lip thinking whether I can physically complete what I want to do and avoid us all getting arrested (more on that later), and I look over at the light and there’s Spinal Tap. (Look, can we cut the BS and just call him Enya?) He motions to me to roll down my window and I ask where he’s heading. Directionally, the Hurt and the Ruiner are on the same vector that our cars are pointing. I see his mouth form the Mutt (the site of the Hurt) and my mood goes from bad to worse. I know he saw my shoulder slump. He knew. So what did he do? He changed his plan and followed me to the Ruiner. He actually looked at the calendar, saw I was Qing, knows I run in my Qs, hates to run, and followed me in anyway.

Needless to say, this brought me back. All the way. I’m blessed to have a friend like that. A simple gesture that absolutely made my day. It was on.

Conditions: 51*. Felt cooler. Misting rain with intermittent showers.

Gearlander: F3 Louisville Tigertoight Mudgear Shirt. Says medium in the tag. Pretty sure it’s epidermal fit though. Nike running shorts. Ladies socks. Damp newbies from Friday. F3 Louisville Hoorag. Gloves.

I got my inspiration for today’s alternative beatdown courtesy of Digiorno re-reading Old backblasts and Tron making a robot that tracks every post for every Pax and every backblast. It’s amaze balls. So D texted me and said he’d read my FNG backblast. Couponing for Beginners on 5/20/17, Q’d by Sauerkraut and KY. It was a beatdown. But any beatdown can be more of a beatdown if you add hills. And extra coupon work. And a little insaneo. So I did and we did:

Full disclosure, I don’t recall all we did. I didn’t have a weinke. More of a loose meinke (mental weinke).

Disclaimer with audible Ayes. Mosey to the Christian Academy school lot…


20 or 15 counts all in cadence


Kendra Newman’s forward and backward


Copperhead squats


Picklepounders (for M4L). It was at this moment every car in Louisville drove by. Drive on. Nothing to see here. Just 11 dudes picklepounding the pavement at an elementary school. Time to mosey.

Back to the park to grab coupons, easy jog to Cogan’s Corner. This is what Red Roof has named the cul de sac hill where Shannon Cogan lives. Great name. If you don’t get it Google it. There’s a reason Red Roof is the Nant’an fellas. Drop your coupon off at the bottom of the hill, Jog back to the top for…

Thang 1

Modified Triple Nickel. Cogan’s Corner connects to another hill creating a paved half pipe. Vincent used to live on the other end of the street so we have carte blanch to do whatever the F we want. Right, V? Anyway, 5 Merkins at top of one hill, 5 copperhead squats at bottom, 5 Merkins at the top of the other. Sprint in between. 5 times.

Then, because we were stuck at the top of a hill, bear crawl 1/3 way back down, lunge walk 1/3, broad jump to coupons. Great warm up for…

Thang 2

Modified Sauerkraut beatdown. Pax divided equallyish backs to each other so they all faced up a hill. The deal was coupon work followed by some movement up the hill, each time layering new coupon work. Here are all the things we did (every time except where noted we did all of the preceding coupon work):

Coupon work: 10 thrusters, 10 curls (slow), 10 coupon squats, 10 hand over hand merkins

Movements (up/down): sprint/jog, Bernie Sander/bear crawl, bear crawl/lunge walk, some other stuff. Flapjack and switch hills.


I found this challenging. Red Roof said his shoulders were shot. I think someone choked back a fine seafood merlot.

Sauerkraut would be proud.

Grab coupons, return them, mosey to tennis courts for Mary:

Flutter kicks 20 IC

Da Vincent’s 15 IC

JLo picklepounders 10 IC. Probably would have done more because these are one of the best core exercises ever. But, this is when the entirety of Louisville walked by. Onlookers were literally shouting/hooting/hollering at us.

So we hopped up for 3 sets of AYG sprints and a cool down mosey around the tennis courts.


COR, NOR. Love these guys. This crew came to work. You know when the weather is bad (and maybe if I’m Qing. I know you went to the Hurt, Scratch and Bean Counter) and guys come, they want to go. So we went. Welcome Noxeema Jackson, who is Wham!’s little brother. He’s a tax attorney. So follow this. Tax attorney to tax evasion to Wesley Snipes to To Wong Foo to Noxeema Jackson. That’s Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.

Announcements included reference to Tron’s Robot, which I’m gonna call Weasel Shaker9000. Intentions were given in BOM for those ill or lost. I took us out with some words. Always impressed, but hardly ever surprised any more by this group. Thank you for making me better today. Tclaps Enya for being my guy.

CI out to Lax.

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