Hurt Backblast 2/24/18


Q: Geppetto Pax (13) Plethora, Fridge, Zartan, Zoo, Left Eye, Backdraft, Buschhh, Digiorno, Bumblebee (respect), Loco, Wham-o, Old Bay, Moira (FNG).  Moira may have set a record for longest time taken before finally settling on a name.  At the time of this post it may have changed again…It’s an interesting story on how we got there too.  Pull for him to get the 6 at his next post.

Weather conditions: 50* +/-  steady drizzle.  Flood conditions throughout.  Otherwise perfect.

Attire: Everything wet.  Zoo had on baby blue tennis shorts.  Apparently spring is near!

As I’ve done every time I’ve had the Q, I woke up two hours before my alarm.  Anxious, nervous, excited.  Changing my weinke countless times in my head.  As I know each of you do, I feel a responsibility to make your getting up at 6am on a Saturday in pouring rain worth your while.  Hopefully the 13 badass HIMS that posted at the Mutt were not disappointed.

So I’ve had this idea for a while.  The generic description of our F3 workout is “bootcamp style”.  I never served in the military, but have the utmost respect for those that have chosen to make that sacrifice I wanted to make ours a little more like them.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I’ve always thought the running in cadence with the drill sergeant barking out the lines was awesome.  More on that in a few.

We gathered at the Mutt flag.  Parking lot was full due to several events already under way at HT.  Had to slightly modify.  We all grabbed a coupon and moseyed over to the small parking lot off Cherrywood.


Arm circles (little/big, forward/back)

Abe Vigodas

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch



Thang 1:

Block Webs 1:4 (coupon merkin/overhead coupon  press) up to 10:40

WOOF! This was something I didn’t think anyone would complete.  My goal was just to make it to 6:24.  While we didn’t all make it to the end with coupons overhead (we modified to air presses when needed) we did complete the 10:40.  Special shoutouts to Zartan, Buschhhh, Old Bay, and Bumblebee (major respect!).  Don’t know how many coupon presses they did, but they put on a show!

Thang 2:

Cadence Run.  This was going to either be completely awesome or complete trainwreck.  Think it turned out something like an mostly awesome caboose crash, but now that it’s a thang I expect our creativity to take off!  We formed two single file lines with the first man in each line carrying one of our F3 American flags.  Thought this was also a cool way to incorporate a little 2rdF.  Then in Native American run style, each man would take a turn as Q and bark some cadence to be repeated by the pax.  Running down Brookfield yelling at full throat things like:

My name’s Geppetto and I’m the Q!  Working with my wood is what I do!


My name’s Bumblebee and I’m the Q!  Selling drugs is what I do!


My name’s Zoo and I’m the Q!  I drank a lot of beer last night and stayed up until 2…

Old Bay yelled something about “I don’t know but I been told…something something is mighty cold”.  Expect the F3 Louisville complaints department to be busy today.

Thang 3:


In a tribute to my good friend Frosty, who joined us over the holidays and guest Q’d, I copied and slightly modified his version of 11’s.  Two exercises with a combined number of 11 reps at opposite sides of the parking lot.  Descending/Ascending.

10 Rock-ees, sprint to the other side of lot, 1 air squat.  Sprint back 9-2, and so on.  YHC could really feel the love from the Pax on this one.  Time was mercifully called at around 5!  Old Bay led the pax in some Mary while YHC had a wardrobe malfunction.

We moseyed back to coupon storage passing by all sorts of children and parents so we had to stifle our mumblechatter/cadence.


Name-o-rama.  Welcomed FNG Moira.  Zartan got the six and explained how he almost never posted because he was too scared to get out of the car, can you imagine the butterfly effect on the rest of us if that would have happened!  Intentions were expressed.  I am once again truly thankful for getting a chance to lead this group of men.  Until next time.  HERE WE GO!!

Gepetto out!

2 thoughts on “Hurt Backblast 2/24/18

  1. “Think it turned out something like an mostly awesome caboose crash”
    Received looks in public place while head back laughing at this one. Great Q and BB Geppetto

    Liked by 1 person

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