Posh Back Blast 2/26

14 HIMs dropped some BOMBS Monday at the Posh ITG: Mr. Hat (Q), Glaucoma, Grave Digger, Uncle Rico, Methane, Swifty, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Pk M, Slippers, Snowman, Grandpa bear, Kilo, & Boozer.

YHC read through the F3 Exicon and quickly found a painful idea. BOMBS. More about that later.

COP: 10 AVs, 20 IWs, 30 MCs, 40 overhead claps, 50 SSHs.

Mosey to the parking lot to drop the bombs.

Partner up. BOMBS away. P1 runs a ways and returns. P2 starts bombing. Each partnership completes the following:
50 Burpees
100 Overhead claps
150 Merins
200 Big boy sit ups
250 Squats

Spells out BOMBS. Little plank party. Shoulder taps and walk out plank.

Then a little Burpee Dans. Four lunges then 1 burpee to the other side of the parking lot, then rinse & repeat. AMRAP for roughly four minutes. I honestly can’t remember. Everyone held in Al Gore once done, then we did 5 BOYOs.

Mosey back to the COP. Four BOYOS. Al Gore. Three BOYOs. Al Gore. Two BOYOs. Al Gore. One BOYO. Plank party again: shoulder taps & walk out plank. Then for fun, one more BOYO.

I had to leave before the COT. Meh. School.

Thanks to Kilo for running the COT. And thanks to the PAX for letting me lead. I truly enjoy it each time. Blessings to you all on this beautiful Monday.

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