PreBlast. Vincent at the “O” Temple of Gloom. 3/22/18

I woke up this morning at 4:50 and looked out the window at a blanket of heavy, wet snow covering the landscape.  Perfect morning to fartsack it.  However, I had a few reasons to pull up my boot straps and venture out into the gloom.  Reason # 1, very simple – I want to get better.  Reason # 2, today is my 99th post.  We will get back to this one later.  Reason # 3, and probably the most important, Captain InsaneO needed us.  It is sometimes forgotten, but what we do holds one another accountable, and motivates us to be better men for those we come in contact with.   CI confessed this morning during COT that he wasn’t feeling it today.  We all have those days.  He also stated that when the PAX started sliding through the parking lot his mood improved.  Where two or more are gathered………   We don’t get up for easy and we do it for others more so than we do for ourselves.

Back to reason # 2.  I wanted my Q tomorrow to be my 100th post.  F3 has been a blessing to me and I want all PAX to feel the same way.  Plans for the mornings Wienke will not be finalized until I can assess the terrain this evening and see what we have to work with.  What we do is less important than just getting up and doing what you can.  Remember, someone out there will be second guessing themselves at 5AM tomorrow.  Are you going to be there for to support your F3 brothers??   #SYITG

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