03/20/2018 BackBlast PK’s Millennium Mile


One of the first F3 workouts that I attended was Tool Time’s Kilo Challenge.  As I was thinking of what I was going to do for my Q at the O, this Challenge came to mind.  Now it was named Kilo Challenge for a couple of different reasons.   We will just claim that it is because the Egg Lawn is one Kilometer in length. The distance around the O is slightly longer than a mile, so I present to you PK’s Millennium Mile.

PAX: Tool Time, Scratch, Trump, Vincent (R), Bean Counter, Butcher, Wham!, Slippers, GlenRoss, OJ, PK (Q), Gillespie

As the PAX arrived and I laid out my disclaimer.  I was wearing my old college warm-up jacket, so I may have fooled no one that I was not a professional.  Promptly at 0530, I quickly introduced everyone to mini coupons, and told everyone to grab two from Tool Times vehicle and we would begin (Big thanks to Tool Time for supplying some pretty poshy mini coupons for all the PAX that showed.  Truly a HIM).  With the grounds still soft and soggy from the rains we stayed on the trail and formed an awkward circle to begin our warm up.

20 Cherry Pickers

20 Finkle Swings

20 Arm Circles

After the warm up it was time to complete the Millennium Mile.  Prior to PAX arriving at the O, I had set up ten stations around the O.  The PAX would run between each station carrying the coupons.  At each station the PAX would complete 100 reps of whatever workout that was shown in cadence.  Rinse and repeat around the O until 10 exercises were complete, so completing 1,000 reps (a Millennium).  And so the fun began

100 Curls

100 SSH

100 Squats

100 Merkins

100 Shoulder Presses

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Back Rows

100 Curtsy Lunges

100 Shoulder Raises (50 front, 50 side)

100 Big Marge

As expected the PAX at the O did not disappoint, and we completed the loop with a little time to spare.  Rounded out the time with some LBCs and DaVincis to work out everyone’s core.

We then circled up around the flag for name-o-rama, intentions, and giving thanks to the Sky Q.  Thanks again to the PAX, this is truly a great group of men, and I challenge everyone to get out and Q.

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