Preblast – #theFog 3/24/18 at #Poshlands ABACUS Birthday Q

Thank YouFirst, before the Preblast, my vocabulary is not at Captain Insaneo levels. So, I will simply say THANK YOU! To the HIMs of F3 Louisville, your support, well wishes, best wishes, prayers (spoken and unspoken) mean more than my words can express. Eighty something workouts ago, I showed up at Poshlands looking for a workout. What I found was much more than a workout. Yup, that’s the tag line. It’s true. Many members of the PAX have experienced their own hardships since I joined F3 and the support network of F3 is amazing; it’s humbling. Eighty workouts ago, I could not have even begun to describe what I found at F3 or that I even needed it. I knew I needed the 2nd F in my life. That’s been huge. The 2nd F in many ways has allowed my eyes to open to seeing other men openly sharing or talking about their Faith. That’s allowed me to grow my faith as well.

To think 12 months ago, none of us had F3 and now we do and to see how it’s grown and will continue to grow; wow! it’s amazing! Triple Claps to all the leaders who have run with this and make it what it is; THANK YOU! I’d list out the HIMs, but I’ll leave someone off and I don’t want to do it.

Now onto the Pre-blast.

The number 41 might be included the plans tomorrow…then again it might not be. Okay suspense killer…it IS!

Also, we will run some because I like running.

If you are lucky, I will pre-run before the beat down. But, that might just serve as a warm-up. After all, I owe a shirt stating “To some people a marathon is a lifetime goal, to us it’s just a cool down. Ironman 140.6”

Seriously, a marathon is a great accomplishment!

Maybe a surprise at coffeteria??? Come and find out!

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