3/25 BlackOps Veterans Park #Agility Training with Kilo



Threw out the idea of a Sunday workout and 6 other HIM jumped all over it, like white on rice.  So, I guess you can say this f3 thing is getting pretty serious.  Seriously this PAX is getting stronger, this was supposed to be tough.  Not for the PAX that get to the gloom for a 0600 WO on a Sunday its not.



KiloQ, Abacus, PK, DoubleDown (Respect), IceMan (Respect), McAfee, Gypsy



piercing winds 35* temp with about 20* windchill.  Clear beautiful gloom aside from the wind.



YHC had his patented Neon swag (of course) black tapered Adidas soccer pants, neon under armor, with blue f3 louisville t shirt over top.  Fav new under armor Tac hat with F3 louisville patch.  oh and my super comfy poshy Altra lone peak 3.5s



Thang 1

Mosey over to the concrete bleachers by the baseball field.


Box jump to the top.  (thats 5 box jumps)

rince and repeat’o X10



mosey up to community center parking lot.

light stretching as the pax looked out at my agility course PK and i put together before we met everyone at the flag.


Follow my picture for Thang 2






start at the X

high knees to agility ladder

shuffle through agility ladder

high knee to the circle

sprint to touch each cone

broad jump lateral jump broad jump lateral jump around next comes.

bernie sanders to circle

sprint back to start






mosey back down to box jump bleachers




mosey back up to kilogility one more time because I didn’t put all this together for us to only do it once.


hit the love bag for my special green mini bands


Bands around the ankles,

monster walk all the way across parking lot (100 yards)

Sprint back


bamds around thighs

lunge across lot

sprint back.




YHC wasn’t done

headed over to the signature veterans creek overlook (best Mary spot in F3Louisville). Clearly I’m biased but who cares, it’s nice.

Stole a little from Glauc and used his Ab-O-Rama routine to set the core on fire.  And we were smoke showed.


Again it was Sunday, 7 PAX completed this mess before 7AM……did I mention it was a Sunday?!?!?  Yea it was, we bad!!



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